Rigby and Peller combine glamour, luxury and seduction

Rigby and Peller have a name that is just synonymous with luxury and glamour. Now in its 73rd year, the premium lingerie retailer, which has held its royal warrant for more than 50 years, offers the luxurious, the glamorous and the beautiful when it comes to lingerie. And the upcoming collection offers a darkly Gothic glamour that speaks of vampish beauties in 1940s B- movies, all violet and purple, silk and lace.

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This is a rich and opulent collection, with the dark hues and heavier silken fabrics and micro-fibre. There are unusual cut-out details that keep the collection modern and up-to-date, whilst the thicker width of bra straps and the use of lace insets suggest a collection that Dita Von Teese would be proud of.

Rigby and Peller Lunette Made to measure basque and bikini brief click to visit Rigby and Peller

I adore the sheer decadence of the Lunette basque and brief set. Lunette is the perfect name for a collection that seems to be inspired by moonlit nights. Rigby & Peller’s Creative Director, Nicky Clayton, says of her inspiration for the collection: “This season focuses on glamour and luxury combined with an edge of power and seduction. My inspirations were drawn from the catwalk where outerwear trends were dominated by rich colours, embellishment and sculpted shapes. I wanted to create a collection suitable for the modern woman’s wardrobe and consisting of luxurious fabrics in shades reflective of this season’s colour palette”.

For modern elegance that draws on the glamour of days gone by, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that challenges the beauty and sensuality of Rigby and Peller lingerie.

The Rigby and Peller Autumn/Winter 2012 collection will premiere at the end of October. Click here to visit Rigby and Peller.

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