Romantic Date Ideas for Couples Adventuring Midlife Crisis Together

A midlife crisis can strike anyone. This is the kind of depression that can leave you questioning your life and purpose for being, and you may end up with drastic changes in your situation. You may end up changing your career entirely, moving to another state (or even another country), or buying a Porsche. It’s jarring enough if you’re single, but if you’re in a serious relationship, then a midlife crisis can upend both your lives. Sometimes this feeling can even result in extramarital affairs.

As a couple dealing with a midlife crisis together, it’s especially imperative for the two of you to keep on having regular dates. This reaffirms your special bond and it helps you to support each other. Here are some types of romantic dates that you may want to try out:

Do the Opposite of What You Normally Do

If the two of you are both impulsive, try to go on a “responsible” date by volunteering your time at a charity event or a soup kitchen. But if you two are more the responsible type, try something that’s still legal but somewhat crazy. The point is to do something different, so that you’re not stuck doing the same things you’ve been doing for seemingly forever.

Be Like a Tourist

If you live in a city, then some people may visit your city for their holiday. What would a tourist do? Go online and do some research and then go to the same places a tourist might visit. These may be museums, botanical gardens, and zoos. These may also be places that you may have felt are too “touristy”, but you can always give it a try and see your city (and your life) from a fresh perspective.

Play a Game from Your Childhood

One way to forget that you’re both older now is to bring yourselves back to when you were children. So try games that you both enjoyed when you were younger. This can be miniature golf, badminton, or even bowling. Bowling is especially popular among many couples today, as these bowling alleys can have special theme nights. Badminton is also great as many leisure centres run sessions and you can either hire a badminton racket, or pick up a more professional set from Yonex for under £30, which makes this an affordable hobby for couples to enjoy.

Visit an Amusement Park or Arcade

Now this can really help you feel like kids again. You can go on rides together, and then take your turn at the whack-a-mole. Play the various games and laugh at your lack of skills. The point is to have light-hearted fun together and pretend you’re teenagers again. Maybe you can even try to cotton candy!

Go Camping

When was the last time you ever slept in a tent? If you’re mostly the urban type, then it could be a while since you last tried this.

Consult a veteran camper you know personally, and borrow (or buy) some supplies like a tent and sleeping bags. You can start by staying overnight in your backyard, but then you may progress into the woods. Have a campfire, roast marshmallows and hotdogs, and maybe tell a few ghost stories over a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to snuggle, as that’s always essential for romantic dates of this type!

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