Roof tips: Make it last as long as possible

Especially when you buy your first home, it’s easy to bypass paying attention to the quality of its roof. After all, you’ve bought the place, and may be planning on living in it forever – job done! But even when you’ve been living in the home for a long time, without seeing water trickling through your ceiling it’s easy to forget the roof is even there – let alone check how healthy it is, and this could be a mistake because maintaining your roof helps to keep roof repair cost affordable.

Ultimately, the roof is often one of the last things home owners think about until it’s too late. But if you can instead think about your roof, at least once every year, you’ll be more likely to sustain its longevity – and make is last for as long as possible.

Conduct an annual inspection

Unless you fancy the idea of getting the ladders out and setting foot on your roof, leave this first and most crucial step to the professionals. If you do a quick search for recommended roofers near me, see if you can find a local contractor that offers a free, or low-cost roof health check. It’s recommended to do this once every year (although most of us never keep up with this), in order to establish whether any routine maintenance or minor repairs are required.

Check inside the home

One area you may be comfortable inspecting yourself, however, is under the roof. Inside the property, and particularly in the attic, look for dark patches and ceiling stains in particular, which could indicate the presence of excess moisture. The presence of sunlight inside the attic is also a fairly good indication of roof damage too! Most people are familiar with the musty scent that accompanies mould – if you can’t see any immediate damage, but do get a whiff of that unwanted scent, there could be damp in the timber structures of your roof.

Attend to nearby trees

If you have a tree in your garden, or perhaps in the street outside, keep an eye out for the reach of its branches. While trees are actually known to have some beneficial properties for roofs, including blocking wind and providing protection from UV light, they can also be a big hazard. Naturally, if a tree off your property is causing a problem, it’s the local authority’s responsibility to deal with it, but if it’s one in your garden – it’s down to you. Ensure that the roof itself is not being scratched, or tiles loosened, and that falling leaves during Autumn aren’t building up on its surface.

Look out for moss

While it may be visible from the ground, the most likely place you’re likely to see moss is in your gutters. If you notice any unusual spillages from your guttering system, including the downspout, this needs to be investigated immediately. The roof is designed to run water into these systems – not hold water they can’t disperse. Similarly, your walls are robust enough to handle rainfall, but not regular splashes and excess moisture held in the gutters. 

Ultimately, the best way to ensure the longevity of your roof is to remember it’s there, and that it needs a little TLC from time to time. Like most of us, you probably pay closer attention to what’s inside the property. But, to ensure your furniture, valuables and decor stay in the best condition possible, you’ll need to maintain the efficiency of the roof that’s built to protect them.

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