Royal wedding memorobilia – a guide for the fashionista

The Royal wedding is now just 18 days away, and the shops are awash with all sorts of mementoes and memorabilia to commemorate the big day. Royal wedding memorabilia has a big place in my heart – in 1981, as a little girl, I  had a Diana doll, flag, mug, Penguin book and kept every newspaper pullout I could find. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep any of this, as is often the case with these sorts of, if we’re being honest, quite tacky, souvenir.

So, I’ve decided to compile a guide to some of the more tasteful Royal souvenirs of the big day. Who knows, these may be things that you pass onto the grandkids as family heirlooms one day! (Or maybe not…)

new love club royal t-shirt from Selfridges


Harvey Nichols Commemorative Mug



A wear Portia dress



Facebook Mug - John Lewis



heyland and whittle royal wedding soaps, John Lewis



Harrods limited edition tote



Yankee Candles Royal wedding set



Corgi Shopper Accessorize



Cupcake Kit, Accessorize



Flag - Accessorize



Princess Catherine doll



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