Saturday Style Files: 1980’s Jewellery

Today’s post is dedicated to my current fashion obsession, the big chunky jewellery of the 1980’s. I’m talking of Dynasty style, the pearls worn by Princess Diana, the glamorous excess of 1980’s Chanel, where gold coloured, gilt style jewellery was worn in layer upon layer. It was sort of gaudy, very showy, and absolutely gorgeous, and now it seems that it is back with a vengeance.

This Spring, the jewellery trends are very much 1980’s. Chanel resort 2020 has pearls and gold chains layered up over traditional Chanel tweed, whilst Grazia has golden chains of all sizes, chunky bracelets and a range of earrings and hair clips that all owe a debt of gratitude to the big is better 1980’s.

I have to say that generally, I am not a fan of the 1980s style and excess, shoulder pads, exaggeration of pretty much everything, puffball skirt, large bows and polka dots, none of these really appeal. But I do so love the jewellery. My two best buys of 2020 have been a set of large, oversized (rather heavy pearls) which I paid £2 for, and a gorgeous gold and pearl, Chanel style chain necklace that was £2.99 from BHF. Both pieces have been worn to death all through the year, pre and post lockdown, and I just love how cool they look with a plain white tee and jeans. Both pieces have had me searching down more on eBay, where there are some stunning pieces to be found at real bargain prices (look for Monet, Napier and Trifari for real stunning finds.)

My golden finds

1980’s Inspiration

Whether it is just to jazz up your casual clothes – jeans and t-shirt combo, or whether it is just because you like to wear pretty things because they cheer you up, there is no doubt that there are some seriously pretty jewellery items around this season, and I have collated a few of my faves below.

Gold Textured Circle Drop Earrings
Was £7.50Now £6.00 click to visit Dorothy Perkins
Gold T Bar Chain Bracelet
Was £7.50Now £6.00 Click to visit Dorothy Perkins
Gold Oval Link Necklace
Was £15.00 Now £12.00
Click to visit Dorothy Perkins
ASOS DESIGN earrings with crystal stone and pearl drop in gold tone £3.60 click to visit ASOS
ASOS DESIGN multirow necklace with fine pearl t bar and ball chain in gold tone
£6.00 Click to visit ASOS
True Decadence bow and pearl circle earrings in gold
£6.00 Click to visit ASOS
ASOS DESIGN pack of 2 t bar bracelet in textured chain in gold tone
£8.00 Click to visit ASOS
Liars & Lovers gold t bar multi row short necklace
£6.25 click to visit ASOS
Bubble pearl chain choker
£89 Click to visit Ted Baker
John Lewis & Partners Abstract Chunky Bead Necklace, Lime/Tortoise £28 Click to visit John Lewis
IBB 9ct Gold Cultured Pearl Knot Stud Earrings, Gold
£76.00 Click to visit John Lewis
DesignB exclusive multi row gold pearl choker necklace
£7.50 Click to visit ASOS

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