Say Hello To The World’s Kindest Advent Calendar

We all love an advent calendar don’t we. Each day getting a little closer to Christmas whilst also getting a little chocolate, or a gift of some kind, behind each door. Advent calendars are a quintessential part of our Christmas countdown, and now Ben and Caroline Floyd have created a calendar which maybe channels the Christmas spirit in the very best way by getting us to think of others, deliver acts of kindness, and actually ‘pay it forward’ this Christmas.

The Inspire Advent Tree is an interactive, freestanding wooden count down calendar with 24 magnetic wooden shapes, one for each day of advent. Each numbered shape has a festive picture or print on one side and an act of kindness to carry out that day on the other. The calendar is aimed at children three and over and includes actions such as ‘Donating a toy to charity’ and ‘Paying someone a compliment’.

Founders Ben and Caroline Floyd set up ‘Inspire’ during the early days of Covid-19 lock down, as a way of teaching their children about the importance of helping people in need and to be able to raise funds for UK charities who were struggling in the pandemic.

Caroline says

‘We all crave moments of fun as a family, particularly in December. The Inspire Advent Calendar aims to bring you those moments of joy, while also teaching your kids the impact of kindness – how good it can make them and those around them feel. And we love that the beautiful wooden design can be used year after year to make memories and add to your family Christmas decorations.”

Co-Founder Ben says

All profits are donated to charity and this initial product will be raising funds for ‘Best Beginnings’, a charity we have been so inspired by, working to give every child the best start in life.’

The Advent Calendar is just beautiful, a beautifully made object that will be much loved and cherished every year. You could plan to put all the acts of kindness on the tree at once, getting your child to find the relevant day, or could build up your tree by only adding the act of kindness on the given day – the choice is yours. Either way, this is lovely way of teaching your child about thinking of others, and the real meaning of Christmas.


The Inspire Advent Tree retails for £45 and is available from Follow on Instagram

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