Second Hand September – Check Out Charity Shops And Preloved Clothing

It’s Second Hand September time again, when OxfamGB encourages us to take a pledge to only shop second hand for the whole month, rejecting throwaway fashion and instead opting for a sustainable shopping option that recycles clothes, giving them a new chance of life and avoiding becoming more landfill fodder.

As regular fashion-mommy readers know, I am a huge fan of shopping sustainably. I love finding bargains in charity shops, eBay and vintage shops and fairs. Charity shops give you the chance to really grab a bargain, to find something unique and different from what everyone else is wearing on from the High Street. It can give you the chance to find a designer, or high end High Street bargain for a few pounds, and it is also guilt free, as you are not only helping the planet, but are supporting charities with much needed funds. This is truer than ever at the moment, as shops are only just reopening after being closed for months due to the lockdown.

So what sort of things can you find in charity shops and preloved sites?

Here are some of my recent bargains and finds.

This outfit is almost all thrifted. The top is vintage and was from Compton Hospice shop, whilst the skirt is M&S and was just £4. Even the vintage, art deco brooch was found in a charity shop, this time Acorns.

Some charity shops even have a sale rail. This unlabeled top was just £1 from Acorns.

I am a bit in love with this blouse. It is a plus size, and is too big for me, but tucked into skinny jeans I really like it. Again it was from Acorns, and cost £4. The print is 1920’s style ladies and is super cute.

Another whole outfit for £6.50. The top is Dorothy Perkins and the skirt is M&S and was the perfect match.

This dress is a great example of a vintage find. It was just £2 and has a real kitschy print with palm trees and a beach scene. I had been looking for something similar for quite a while. I added my own belt, but it looks great without too.

This dress is a 1970’s eBay win that I love due to that beautiful shocking pink hue. I paid around £12 for this one.

This top is Gharani Strok and was just £1 from a charity shop in Boscombe. Great with jeans and lovely quality too.

Have you found any charity shop bargains recently? Will you be supporting Second Hand September?


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