See Why Peel And Stick Wallpaper Is Making Such A Big Splash In 2021

Interior décor trends change from time to time and season to season, but one of the style trends that keeps coming back is wallpapers. The earliest recorded use of wallpapers is seen in China, with the country being credited with the first use of wallpapers during the Qin Dynasty. In this culture, pasting rice papers on walls was a common decorative practice. Since then, wallpaper has seen a huge transformation. Today, affordable removable wallpaper is one of the most preferred methods of sprucing homes. DIYers who work on a tight budget yet prefer updating their home regularly use the latest designs such as tropical wallpaper for walls.

Why are wallpapers so popular?

Planning home upgrades require hiring outside help such as decorators, contractors, and designers, especially when a paint job is needed. Paints also require multiple coats involving huge costs and time as well. All these factors can make upgrading your home quite a task, especially when you want a quick makeover without spending too much time or hiring outside help.

An easy way to circumvent all these problems is using peel and stick wallpapers. These wallpapers are available in multiple styles, patterns, designs, and textures, allowing you to play around with your walls according to the latest style and design trends.

These affordable removable wallpapers are easy to install and come off easily, leaving clean walls with no residue behind. So you have a fresh canvas to play with your next design idea. With so many advantages, wallpapers continue to be the most preferred way of upgrading walls.

A journey through the history of wallpapers:

We know that the earliest recorded history of the use of wallpaper can be seen in China during 200 BC, where rice papers painted with birds, landscapes, and flowers adorned homes. During the 16th century, wallpapers were imported to Europe from China. The French perfected the technique of manufacturing and using wallpapers/

The trend of wallpapers continued to grow through the 17th and 18th centuries. The 1800s were quite famous for huge full-wall-size murals depicting nature and sceneries. Initially, wallpapers were quite expensive and adorned homes of the elite and aristocratic families.

The 1800s saw the introduction of cheap wallpapers with poor quality construction and design. As a result of this, the popularity of wallpapers dipped quite a bit. Instead, paints became quite popular.

The 20th century saw the return of wallpapers in a big way with manufacturing companies investing time, money, and technology to produce top-notch quality wallpapers. As a result of their effort, wallpapers have come back in a big way and continue to make a big splash in 2021 too.

Wallpaper design trends for 2021:

Classic and tropical wallpapers are evergreen and continue to be trendy in 2021. With timeless and vibrant designs, these wallpapers add a freshness to any walls and are suitable for home and business setups too. Classic wallpapers are an excellent option for those who prefer to have more of a sober look. Tropical designs are versatile in the sense that they are available in various colors, patterns, and designs. Whether you choose to go bold or sober, tropical wallpaper for walls are available to suit every taste.

Other style trends for 2021 include textured wallpapers, abstract designs, geometric styles, stripped wallpapers, new botanical wallpapers, panoramic wallpapers etc.

Affordable removable wallpapers are an excellent way to upgrade your home. Choose trendy designs such as tropical wallpapers for walls and transform your home from drab to fab!!


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