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In today’s sinful world, it can be challenging to find a safe haven from it. Even if you are not the most religious type, society and the environment is just polluted with so much negativity and toxicity. Everyone falls short in the eyes of The Lord, but it doesn’t mean you want to indulge in sin. Hosanna Broadcasting Network is your safe space. 

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Worship and Praise

Yes times have evolved, thanks to Jesus, and on HBN, there are other alternatives to attending The House of The Lord. You can tune in to sermons on Channel KTAV 35.2, Channel 886 on Dish Network, as well as on Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Apple Apps, and Google Play. Yes, Christian tv is a thing.


There are many believers who have a podcast with testimonials about their salvation through Jesus as well as their struggles and triumphs. Listen to a podcast that resonates with you and where you are in your journey. Not only will you be inspired as a devoted follower of Christ, but you could watch God’s work in other people who love Jesus and turn away from sin like you do. 

TV Shows and Movies

If you are in love with the stories of one of the most ancient texts in history that profess Jesus’ love for all, there is a wide array of films to choose from on this network. God loves everyone, and this includes non-believers or even those who may feel a calling to Him. Are you a theologist or a historian who’s interested in seeing the stories being depicted by people? Are you a lover of Christ who wants to feel the stories being told? Watching the interpretations of Genesis is so surreal especially if you are familiar with the scripture.

Other Programs on The Network:

  • Faithful Disciples of Jesus Christ; sermon by Pastor Ruby Cottle
  • It’s Supernatural; with Sid Roth
  • Storm Shelter; with Pastor Bill Henderson
  • Joyce Meyers

Modest Fitness Programs

Temptation is everywhere, and while men and women are designed to have desirous features, it’s not an excuse to wear clothing with the intentions of cultivating a sprit of Lust. Proverbs: 6:25: “Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes.” The fitness programs on HBN adhere to God’s word and is focused on health and wellness the Godly way. Exercise is pleasing to God as our bodies our seen as temples and we must do our best to treat them as such. 

Author bio- Christopher McDaniel (Chris) earned his BFA, in 1983, from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is the owner of McDaniel Video Production, where he creates graphic designs and advertisement strategies. Since 1992 until the present, Chris has been producing “Time in the Word”, a flagship television program of ReJOYce IN JESUS Ministry. He consults with ministries nationwide on building & training their own TV/video production teams.

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