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Self-Esteem: It’s A Big Deal

Wherever you are in the game of life, your self-esteem is a big deal, and when you’ve just had a baby, you can find yourself at an all time low. You are at your most vulnerable post-birth, because you’ve just changed your body almost irreversibly with the birth of a child. Your bones have softened and moved. The skin on your thighs, stomach and boobs have gained new stretch marks and pockets of cellulite. It’s a big change, and big transformations physically can have an effect on your self-esteem that isn’t always positive.

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Body confidence is a big deal in any part of life, but particularly after a baby. Most women want to work on themselves the moment that they leave on the hospital, as they may not feel entirely comfortable with their new look. The important thing to remember is that your body has taken nine months to shift in its trajectory: it’s going to take some time for it to shift back. Looking after a new baby is a rewarding vocation, but it does make you put your own image on the backburner in your life. With that in mind, what could you be doing to get your body confidence back after birth?

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  • Haircare. A part of your body confidence has to include your hair. You may not feel up to hard workouts or doing too much more than holding your baby and feeling happy: but you can do your hair. Wash and dry your hair when your partner is around, so that you can take your time. Condition it deeply once a week with a hair mask and invest in some beautiful slides and clips. If it needs to be shoved up in a Mom bun most of the time, it may as well be healthy and pretty.
  • Weight Loss. This one will take some time, and you may well already be planning to book into Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc in a few months. Before you make that appointment, take a year to gently bring your body back to pre-pregnancy weight. You need to give yourself some time to lose comfortably and your body needs time to heal before you go through more surgery.
  • Makeup. You’re very likely to get a little amount of sleep with the newborn baby in your life. A tinted BB cream can really help you to fake that 8-hour sleep look! Take ten minutes to get your eyebrows seen to, and you won’t regret it at all; such a small thing can make you feel beautiful.
  • Exercise. You may not be able to do too much in the way of heavy exercise, especially if your body went through the trauma of a caesarean section. However, walking while pushing the baby in a pram can do you a world of good, and you can really build your fitness up while you do it.

Feeling good after a baby is going to be up to you. Make it happen and watch your self-esteem soar!

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