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Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial

A visit to a spa for a facial is definitely a treat that leaves us feeling refreshed and leaves our skin soft and healthy, but this is not something we can be doing everyday…or is it? What about a product that gives you the opportunity for spa treated skin in your own home? The Sensio Spa complete hydrotherapy facial allows you to complete a five step salon programme within your own home, leaving skin feeling soft and renewed.

I have been using this product for a few weeks now, with my skin problems being an ageing skin that is also oily and still prone to outbreaks. I do have facials, but wanted something that will plug the gaps when money or time is too tight to get to a salon, something that offers a little more than simply cleansing and toning. This is a product that fits the bill.

But, first things first. When using this product, water direct from the tap just won’t cut it. Yes it will work, but the limescale build up will shorten the life of the device, so you need to get some distilled water, the sort you might use in steam irons for exactly the same reasons. (This can be picked up very cheaply at Amazon here.) You also need 2 AA batteries for the facial cleanser – alkaline ones work better and for longer.

Setting up your equipment is quick and easy. I used the facial cleanser first to remove all grime from my face. I used Micellar water to remove initial make up, and then opted for the sponge attachment and an Elemis cream cleanser for a deep cleanse, using the number 1 setting. This actually feels really pleasant, you need to just press gently in a circular motion. If this hurts or stings, you are doing it too hard. If you are exfoliating the skin, I would recommend the slightly rougher texture of the brush. You can use this with a facial scrub on the number 2 setting and give you skin a real deep cleanse – perfect for removing those dead skin cells that leave our skin looking dull.

The next thing to use is the plug in hot and cold bar. This is to open the pores. To start the process switch to hot and wait for the red light. The bar will be hot within a minute and you can then use this to massage the skin. Be gentle and, if it feels too hot, take it away.

The steamer itself is a real surprise package. Forget those old fashioned machines where you had to virtually immerse your whole face, the Sensio Spa is much easier and more comfortable to use. Adding water is easy – it comes with a little pouring jug, again very similar to those used with a steam iron. Once you have filled up, you press the button on the front until it clicks and the water will start to warm up to create the steam. This happens very quickly, within a few minutes you have enough steam for a facial cleanse.

You can then use the machine. The steam nozzle is moveable, so you can put it into a place that is comfortable to you, and the steam should also be comfortable – don’t get too close or you will burn your skin, and don’t forget to move your face around so that the steam hits all areas of your face – you do not just want to steam the front, especially if your skin problems affect the extremities. I never steamed my face for any longer than 10 minutes, with 6-7 minutes being the average.

Once the process is finished, the hot and cold bar can be used again, this time to close the pores.  Change the setting to cold and wait for the green light, and again massage over the face. Finish with a gentle moisturiser.

For me, this product has worked very well. I like the pamper aspect of using the Spa, and find it all quite easy and straight-forward to use. I think it offers a much deeper cleanse and exfoliation than you can get from simply using products, and I like how clean and soft my skin feels after using it.  I did get an initial breakout, but have had these after salon facials, and know that this is your skin getting rid of impurities, dirt etc, and this didn’t happen after the first use.

The Sensio Spa is a great treatment which could be a fabulous present for Mother’s Day. I would totally recommend this.



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