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Seven Fashion Tips for Stylish Mommies

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Being a new mommy is a whole new, sweet, exciting, terrifying and amazing life experience that women embrace wholeheartedly. But it is a well-known fact that not all women regain their pre-baby waistline and thighs. As a matter of fact, baby fat takes a few months to disappear, while your prenatal body lines still need time to make their comeback. Are you bound to wear leggings and oversized t-shirts for months to come?

If your pre-pregnancy outfits don’t fit, and your pregnancy outfits don’t fit either, what is left to do than layering slouchy clothes over and over to hide all the sins? Well, you may not be the same size you were a year ago, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and cool – without stealing your husband’s shirts and tees! Let’s take a look today at seven fashion tips for new mommies and some easy tricks you can employ to turn heads in the street!

1. Wear High-Waist Jeans and Some Cool Boots


The problem with low-waist skinny jeans in new mommies is that they don’t flatter at all your waistline. On the contrary, if you happen to bend over, they will make a display of your granny pants. On the other hand, a pair of high-waist jeans with a very flat front will make your waist and thighs look slimmer, and you can wear any top, tee or shirt without accidentally showing skin.

For a complete optical illusion, tuck your jeans into a pair of comfy nude suede boots. The jeans and pants don’t necessarily have to be the skinny or cigarette style, but you should tuck them into ankle boots in a nude shade. Wearing nudes come with immense benefits – your legs will look slimmer and longer, and the viewer’s eye is drawn towards the lower part of your body and not your waist.

2. Wear Black

It’s just simple as that: pick pants, dresses, tunics and skirts in black (or at least dark shades). Black is known for making your figure look slimmer, hiding all the baby fat and undesired curves. Now we don’t all have to be Victoria Beckham and have her post-partum waistline, but we can learn something from this fashionable soccer mom: cover in black what you need to cover and show the parts you want the world to see – the simple and elegant outfit will make you look stand out of the crowd, especially if you dress up a little black dress with style.

3. Switch Slouchy T-Shirts with Tunics

No matter the season, tunics make a terrific addition to any new mommy’s wardrobe. Instead of making you look bigger, like frumpy tees do, they skim your figure as they have a longer, slim-fit design. You can pick some in long sleeves and short sleeves to get you through the seasons. If you want to spice things up, pick some in jolly colors and adorned with modern embellishments, applications, bows, ribbons or featuring stylish prints and patterns.

If you want a casual outfit, wear a tunic over a pair of jeans, leggings or short. Dress up to rock the city with a tunic worn together with a pencil skirt.

4. Ditch the Diaper Bag for some Stylish Alternative

A diaper bag has its benefits but let’s face it, it looks sloppy and dorky, to say the least. Not to mention some of them are so big and deep you can lose yourself in them without finding anything. Fashion experts recommend you take stock of yourself and take a walk to the adult-fashion-oriented bags departments.

You can find plenty of modern bags that offer the same functionality, space, and organization as diaper bags without looking like diaper bags. You can try a distressed Selvaggio laptop bag in refined leather, a stylish canvas backpack, an oversized patent tote and so on. Use simple Ziploc bag for the diapers and sleek them into a fashionable bag for everyday wear.

5. Keep the Trainers for the Gym

We know, you need all the comfort you can get; especially now since you carry a newborn in your arms, a diaper bag and extra some pounds. You need to be able to walk for miles and never for a second feel the discomfort of shoes. Sneakers and trainers are a good choice because swollen, itchy, aching and burning feet is the last thing you want right now. But again, while sneakers made it into the casual wear trend and look awesome with anything from jeans to a maxi skirt, they are still sneakers.

If you want a dash of style to spice your mommy outfits up, switch to backless loafers, ballet flats, knee-long boots, and shoes with platforms across the entire sole for some height and so on. Slipper, flip-flops, and trainers will never pass the Fashion Police interrogatory.

6. Wear an Oversized Long Soft Scarf



The mighty scarf can get you out of any situation: you can wrap yourself in it to hide some body parts, and looking feminine and romantic in the same time. You can wrap it around your neck and have its ends flow long on the vertical (to create a slimmer, taller appearance). You can wear it diagonally over your belly and back, with its ends quirkily knotted on the side to draw attention and still look slim and fit.

The scarf will be your best buddy if you want to breastfeed, cover your head and shoulders in summer, protect your arms from a chilly breeze at night, cover your legs if needed and use it as a pillow to take a nap on the bus in between to errands.

7. Mind Your Accessories

In order to rock motherhood, you need to look good – and feel great! When it comes to jewellery and accessories, you may want to ditch dangling earrings, long thin pendant necklaces and delicate chains – they will turn into a nightmare if the baby in your arms discovers them. Instead, go for stacked bracelets that don’t interfere with your breastfeeding or diaper changing activities, statement studs to draw attention to your face and maybe a statement chunky statement necklace that doesn’t get in your mommy ways. Sunglasses are mandatory, together with a composed and neat makeup, hairdo, manicure and pedicure.

After all, being a mommy doesn’t mean you have to neglect the small things in life.

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