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There is no doubt, as we reach June and therefore officially Summer, that as well as reaching holiday season, we have now reached wedding season. And whilst most of the big things (the venue, the guest list, the dress) have probably been taken care of months ago, the rings are often left a little later.

Like most things linked to weddings, many are now opting to find their wedding ring online due to the availability of choice, and the more competitive prices. One of the most popular destinations is Shesaidyes who stock a wide range of actual wedding bands, more unusual rings that could be suitable for wedding use, and other jewellery pieces perfect for gifting (or self gifting – why not?).

Shesaidyes introduces new lines each season which give some indication of current wedding trends, and this season is no different, particularly after a few years of lockdown which now means that many delayed weddings are now taking place this Summer in serious style.

The Tender Line

Jewelry conveys meaning just like words do. When you combine the two, like in this tender line collection, using simple words and graceful lines, you send a powerful and lasting message about the power of … romantic love …

The Tender Line collection is just gorgeous, a collection that includes a range of rings, bracelets and pendents that combine words with gemstones to create a wonderful piece of jewellery. Although this is not strictly limited to wedding appropriate pieces (there are also mom and peace slogans emblazoned on pieces of jewellery), there is no doubt to the ‘love’ slogan pieces are perfect for weddings, either as an unusual wedding ring that thinks outside the box, or as a gift to your loved one on your wedding day, or even as a gift for a bridesmaid to say thank you for their help on your big day.

Many pieces can be personalised in terms of the colour and caret of the metal (both 10 and 14 caret, and coming in traditional yellow gold, white gold and rose gold). Gemstones can also be changed, perhaps to fit in with a wedding colour scheme, or just to embrace a favourite colour.

The Hug Me Collection

The Hug Me collection is both unusual and lovely. It combines precious metal and gemstones with favourite animals and pets to create a wonderful gift idea that would be a perfect wedding day present, or even, in the case of the wonderful Kiss of swan design, an unusual wedding ring.

Moissanite wedding bands 

The brides wedding ring has always been of the upmost importance. The grooms…not so much. But this is now changing, and moissanite wedding bands have become really popular in recent times. Moissanite is naturally occurring silicon carbide and is second hardest to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a wonderful alternative to diamonds.

It looks great when set into a solid band (white gold in particular is a good match to this stone), and adds a little bit of bling to men’s designs without going over the top.


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