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Shock! Horror! Pippa Middleton wears the same dress on two days running!

If you’ve been reading the papers this week, you’d think the biggest fashion faux-pas of all time had been committed. Pippa Middleton wore a fabulous Hobbs NWS Wyldes dress (£143..but don’t bother, it’s already sold out.) when  she went shoe shopping on the Kings Road. She was then spotted at Wimbledon the next  day, wearing the SAME DRESS.

Pippa wore the red linen dress whilst she was shopping for wedges at Russell and Bromley on the Kings Road, buying a tan pair. The next day at Wimbledon, Pippa was pictured sitting with boyfriend Alex Loudon, wearing the same red dress, but now accessoried with new shoes. Now, of course, Pippa may well have stayed overnight at Alex’s, and could’ve been doing the walk of shame, but isn’t it just possible that the dress was clean, sweat free, and she’d decided to give it another airing?

As a mom to Baba, I rarely get to wear the same thing twice in a row, mucky handprints, snot  and chocolate usually put paid to that. But as a single girl I often wore things twice, merely because they weren’t dirty and didn’t yet need washing. I called it ‘finishing them  off’. Pippa isn’t a model, a designers muse, a designer or, as yet, affiliated to any brand, so she can wear exactly what she likes. I for one, think she always looks fab. However, I wouldn’t go as far as the Metro newspaper, who said that Pippa was showing solidarity with cash strapped Britain. In a dress costing almost £150..it’s not exactly Primark is it?

Pippa was pictured again at Wimbledon on Friday, cheering on Andy Murray. She was wearing a black knitted dress by Tania with a fit and flared shape.She has worn this dress before too,albeit in a white version.

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