Shopping For A Summer Wardrobe Tips And Tricks

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Creating a wardrobe that fits all seasons can be hard when you’re on a budget, but it’s a necessity if you live in a temperate climate like the Midwest. States like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan get some pretty icy winters, only for the mercury to skyrocket a few months later as summer arrives with a sizzle.  

If you’re having trouble buying clothes for warm weather, take a look at the guide below. From money management tricks to online shopping tricks, they’ll help you set up a summer wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket.

Download the Right Extension

Never pay full price for a new piece for your wardrobe. There’s always a way to find a discount or deal, as long as you shop online. Take a look at these browser extensions to see how you can save money.

Some extensions monitor price fluctuations, alerting you to when a piece hit a record low. Others locate online coupons to reduce your total or cashback rebates to offset your spending.

Going online with these extensions is also an easy way to tap into trends not immediately available at the average mall in Wisconsin.

Be Mindful

Updating your wardrobe may feel like a fashion emergency, and some fashion icons might agree. But no financial advisor worth their salt will give the go-ahead for a shopping spree. 

While updating your wardrobe might seem like a priority, you run the risk of overreaching your budget. You might even convince yourself that borrowing installment loans is a good idea. There are plenty of installment loans in Wisconsin just waiting to be borrowed, after all. 

But just cause they’re available doesn’t mean you should apply. The only time an installment loan might work for clothes is if you’re stuck in an extraordinary situation. 

You might borrow money if a flood destroys all your clothes, or your dog eats through all your shoes. You can find easy installment loans in Wisconsin with a fast and simple application process to help you stay safe, provided you only use them to get the necessities in an unexpected emergency. 

Use Credit Like It’s Cash

Your credit card makes it possible to snag online deals, but all that clicking is a slippery slope. You don’t get to see the money leave your hands at the checkout, so you can easily overlook just how much money you’re spending. 

Before you know it, you can max out credit cards, leaving you on the hook for a big chunk of debt. It also removes these cards as a safety net in case you need help in an emergency. 

To save money, pretend credit is cash. Make a purchase only when you have the cash to pay it and your finance charges before the due date.

Find Incentives

Take advantage of a purchase you’re going to make by searching for incentives. A store-wide sale is the perfect example of a clothing company incentivizing its customers. But if you’re lucky, you’ll find a deal where you’ll receive a gift card to use at a participating retailer, doubling your purchasing power!

Bottom Line

Shopping for a whole new summer wardrobe on a budget is a challenge, but it’s possible when you follow these tips.

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