Six Of The Most Common Types Of Wrinkles Found On The Face

Photo Credit: Ravi Patel via UnsplashPhoto Credit: Ravi Patel via Unsplash
Photo Credit: Ravi Patel via Unsplash

The signs of aging in the face come naturally to us as we grow older. While some wear these lines and wrinkles as a badge of honour, the majority of others often work their hardest to help keep their appearance at bay.

Entire industries have been built on the preventative treatments and removal of the signs of aging from the face, whether it’s to get rid of forehead lines or those that form around the mouth.

There are many different types of common lines and wrinkles on the face and come with their own names for easier identification.

Here are six types of the most common types of wrinkles that can be found on the face and how they  find themselves forming.

Crow’s Feet

Mostly everyone knows of the name of this common type of wrinkle, which forms itself on the outer corners of the eye region. These fine lines are often caused by squinting the eyes and when expressing them by laughing and smiling. The application of makeup, such as eyeliner, can also accelerate the appearance of these lines.

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are fine lines that appear on either side of the nose and are often caused when the nose scrunches itself up when laughing, smiling, sneezing, blowing our nose, coughing, or other movements that cause the nose to express itself.

Forehead Lines

When we raise our eyebrows up and down, which frequently occurs while we emote ourselves and speak, we press into the skin of our forehead. This can cause lines and wrinkles that may only show themselves when emoting but can gradually, over time, find themselves permanently staying on the skin as it loses elasticity.

Smokers Lines/Lip Lines/Marionette Lines

As our lips are constantly moving through the day to both talk, express, and move while we eat and drink, lines around the mouth are extraordinarily common. 

Marionette lines, for example, are a very common type of wrinkle that runs itself from the corns of the mouth and down to the chin. 

Meanwhile, smokers’ lines are a type of wrinkle that form along the tops and bottoms of the lips and are caused by the frequent pursing of lips to inhale a drag from a cigarette and are accelerated by the harsh chemicals that are ingested when doing so.

Nasolabial Folds

These types of wrinkles run themselves down from the nose and nostrils down to the lips. These can be a deeper type of wrinkle that remains on the face, even when the face is in a neutral facial position.

Frown Lines

Frown lines are another very common type of wrinkle that forms between the eyebrows, creating deep vertical lines that can end up remaining there even when the face is in a passive expression.

These lines are formed due to holding the face in a furrowed brow, commonly held due to longer moments of concentration on things like watching television, staring at a phone and computer screen, or reading smaller font or in areas that are not well lit. 

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