Six Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy This Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, your family pet can get in the festive spirit too, picking up on how excited you and your loved ones are. To make sure your puppy stays happy and hassle-free over the festive season, you’ll need to be mindful that your Christmas plans can have an impact on your furry friend’s routine. 

  1. Introduce your Guests One by One 

Especially when your dog hasn’t seen as many familiar faces as usual this year, having a few more select guests in your home and garden could be overwhelming for your pet. To avoid your puppy feeling stressed or scared, introduce any extra guests in your home slowly and carefully, and give them time to get used to unfamiliar people in their homes. Once your animal has sniffed out the new faces in their space, you’ll all be able to enjoy Christmas without any overexcitement on your dog’s behalf. 

  1. Make a Designated Safe Zone 

With so many new people to head to for cuddles and attention, Christmas can quickly get exhausting for our furry friends. Once they’re all tired out, it’s likely your pet will want somewhere to relax and recharge by themselves, without any disturbances. Making space in your home that belongs only to your pup gives them the quiet time they need to rest. To really show your animal how much you care, you could even invest in a luxury insulated kennel to give them their own private space to really make their own. Benchmark Kennels has a wide range of outdoor kennels, cabins and shelters to make sure your furry friend can enjoy an extra-special Christmas. 

However, if you really want to spoil your dog during Christmas, a customized dog bandana is the perfect way. There are many designs and colors available in custom dog bandanas that can give off a festive air for this special day. Not only are custom bandanas readily available anywhere, they are also very easy to use. 

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  1. Keep to your Usual Routine

While you’re relaxing at home during the holidays, it’s tempting to keep your furry friend close by to enjoy the festive season with you. However, many dogs need a routine to keep them feeling happy and calm, no matter what you’re doing. Feeding at the same times of the day, sticking to regular walks and the same bedtime each night will help your dog get used to the same familiar routine, even when things are a little busier than usual.

  1. Keep Up with Long Walks 

There’s nothing better than a crisp Christmas walk, for both your family and your pet. While it can be tempting to limit the long walks when you’ve had a few too many Christmas treats, your dog still needs enough daily exercise to wear themselves out. Luckily, stretching your legs regularly is a great way to break the days up over the holiday period, and give your pet the time to run around outside for as long as they need to. 

  1. Try and Stick to Less Deliveries

Playful puppy owners will know just how exciting deliveries can be for dogs. In the lead up to Christmas, constant deliveries to your front door can leave your puppy feeling more than a little frantic, making them overexcited and unable to settle back down. To make sure your dog doesn’t stray too far from their routine even in the festive season, try and have parcels delivered in batches, or keep an eye out when you’re expecting a delivery so you can put your pet safely in another room. 

  1. Be Mindful with Your Decorations

Finally, going overboard with your Christmas decorations can have ramifications for your pets. Festive fairy lights should be strung up high enough that your dog can’t reach them; chewing on the electric cables or lightbulbs can cause painful electric shocks for your pet. Similarly, consider that any fragile ornaments you put out for the Christmas countdown will need to be dog-proofed; keeping them out of paws reach will mean any shattered baubles or decorations won’t end up where they don’t belong. 

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