Skincare Woes Sorted With The Drug Store

For many, Autumn is the favourite season, filled with crisp leaves, Indian Summer and pumpkins and cinnamon. But the drop in temperature, and the increase in wind and rain can play havoc with your skin, with high winds and colder days leading to more skin dryness and chaffing that may need to have particular attention paid to it. Your skin may need a treat, a pick me up that helps it maintain softness and elasticity.

The Drug Store is a London based wellness and beauty retailer. It was formed with the idea that you would be able to find a range of carefully curated, quality products in one place. The Drug Store has products that include supplements and pre and probiotics, gut health remedies, as well as dedicated beauty products that cover skincare and beauty tools.

I have recently been reviewing some of their Plenaire range, a range that focuses on giving your skin a lift through masks and facial products. They have products in their range for all skin types, and believe in keeping their formulas clean and simple, to avoid the complications of using too many chemicals on your skin, creating more problems rather than addressing the ones you already have.

Plenaire Skin Frosting Deeply Hydrating Mask

I used this product last week after a particularly stormy day where the wind was unforgiving. My skin felt almost burned from the wind and need some nourishment in order to sooth it.The Skin Frosting Deeply Hydrating Mask was the perfect treat my skin needed. This is a product that I would only use once a week as a pick me up, it has a thicker formulation than some masks, but uses natural ingredients so it is gentle on your skin, and doesn’t sting, even though my  skin on that day was very sensitive.

The Mask is actually really easy to use as it doesn’t even require rinsing, you just add a thick layer and then just wipe off any excess after 15-20 minutes. It also smells divine, a really clean smell that combines coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, along with Camellia Oil, and leaves your skin feeling very soft and soothed.

Plenaire 3 in 1 Triple Exfoliating Clay

There are some products that are, quite rightly called hero products as they are multi functional and do the job of two or more products. The Plenaire 3 in 1 exfoliating clay is just one of those products, as it acts as a mask, a cleanser and an exfoliator.

This is another easy to use product, you add a layer that will cleanse and act like a mask, and once it has been on the skin for around 10 minutes, you add water to your face, and gently massage into your skin in order to exfoliate. You then rinse off, giving your skin a complete treatment in around 15 minutes, making it perfect if you are short on time for a full pamper session.

Once again the clay smells really lovely, almost soothing in fact, and I love the fact that this is not only easy to use, but it perfect for situations where you want to cut down the amount of products you are using – maybe for travel reasons for instance – this one tube does the job of three products, and is virtually handbag size, so is as practical to store as it is to use.

Check out all The Drug Stores beauty products here.


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