Small Business Ideas – Homes And Interiors

These days, many people are taking their hobby and turning it into a small business, or at least something that can supplement their earnings. Today I am looking at ideas linked to the homes and interiors sphere, and how you can take something that you do in your spare time, and actually use this to make an income.

Whether it be needlework and sewing, such as the creation of tote bags, cushion covers and personalised items, or candle and melts making, maybe using vintage tea cups and glasses as holders for your designs, or even putting together your own planters and hanging baskets with Spring just around the corner, there are many things that you can make and sell using talents that you have refined in your spare time. In addition, many local community centres offer training courses that range from pottery to painting which can also be worth a try if you are looking to change your current job for something more creative.

Trade Shows

If you do have a product or a range of products that you think could find appeal, you could look at taking part in one of the many trade shows, or gift fairs that take place around the country. These give you the opportunity to reach a wider market, and you can make sure your goods are displayed to their best advantage by using an exhibition stand from Focal Stand Designers who have created stands for exhibitions like the Autumn Fair at the NEC and Grand Designs Live at Excel. Their website also has some really good tips on how to effectively man your stand during exhibitions in order to get the best response from your prospective audience.

Pop Up Stores

Even if you choose to do the majority of your selling online, you should also consider pop up stores and collectives. These are a great way to get rid of excess stock or old lines without having to pay the investment of a full time premises. Even the busiest of shopping centres like the Bullring in Birmingham now have opportunities for pop up and shorter lease stores, so it is definitely worth considering. It is also another way to get your brand out there.

Website and Etsy

Of course, the power of the internet and online selling can not be underestimated. A good quality, attractive looking and easily navigable website is important in order to sell your items, but you could also look at eBay selling and Etsy stores to begin with, especially whilst your website is in the development stage.

If you have a talent for design, and feel you could have a product, or a range of products that other people would love to, what is really to stop you taking it out to the marketplace. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, this could be the year you begin a whole new journey.