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Smashers From Zuru – The Latest Thing For Sports Mad Kids

Smashers from Zuru are the latest toy/collectable taking the kids world by storm.  A plastic ball that you have to physically ‘smash’ to get to the sports-themed collectable character inside, Smashers come in all shapes and sizes, and have limited editions that are highly covetable.There are hundreds to collect, and appeal to children who usually enjoy collecting Topps cards. These are the new pocket money toy, and I have to say my lad Joe is obsessed.

Smashers come in a red plastic ball that you smash on the floor to get to the toy inside. This is, of course, great fun for kids. The “shattered” ball then doubles up as a bit of a puzzle as kids can try to put it back into a sphere. Once you get your figure you can use the Smashers information leaflet to discover who you have. Smashers are sorted into categories ranging from ‘Super Rare’ and ‘Limited Edition’ to Bad Sports and Ball Stars. The information sheet also doubles as a game space where you can throw your Smasher at another figure to try to earn points.

Smashers are loved by kids icons like the Tekkerz Kid and It’s Romello, and for serious collectors the red collectors bus which converts to a ball park and play area, as well as providing storage for your Smashers is an absolute must. My lad Joe is football mad, the UK version rather than American football, but he absolutely loves the idea of Smashers and is now collecting them, using rewards for good behaviour, work and goals to collect towards buying another set of figures.

You can find Smashers at a range of stockists including Argos, Smyths and Tesco.

Win With Smashers

If you would like to win a Smashers 8pk set worth £9.99 and a Smashers football tin worth £7.99 please enter the competition below.

Smashers Giveaway

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