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My husband has recently started wearing glasses for reading, after squinting and straining his eyes for quite some while. Most of my family wear glasses in some form or another, my dad also for reading, my mom, brother and sister all wear them constantly. They all state that one of the worst things about wearing glasses is when you lose a screw from the arm and either end up trying a repair yourself using the smallest of screwdrivers to tighten the smallest of screws, or, if this doesn’t work, having to take a trip to the opticians. Both time consuming and annoying.

Snapit is a clever little tool which takes the strain out of repairing your glasses. It is a portable repair kit that is small enough to carry around in your bag – maybe even in your wallet, and will allow you to repair your glasses quickly and easily. Snapit’s philosophy of repair is easy – DROP IT, SCREW IT, SNAP IT!


So, how does it work, you might be wondering. Well, each Snapit kit includes 5 screws of varying lengths and thicknesses plus the handy optical screwdriver. These screws will fit 99% of all glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses but are much longer than those normal tiny, fiddly screws making them far easier to handle. When you lose a screw from your glasses you simply drop the  Snapit longer screw into the hinge, screw it down and snap the end off. It really is that simple.

We all know that our glasses are lifesavers, but they can also be delicate, and broken very easily (sitting on them anyone?), the Snapit kit can’t stop you breaking your glasses, but it can make it oh so much easier to repair them if you do have an accident, and being small and easily stored, it is something that you can use at any time in any place.

Competition Time

To win your own Snapit kit, please enter my competition below. Numerous ways to enter.

Win A Snapit Glasses Repair Kit #12

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