Snow White Is A Triumph At The Wolves Grand

It’s panto season again, and the Wolverhampton Grand has a huge new hit on its hands with their brilliant, in house production of Snow White. Written by  stars Ian Adams and Tam Ryan.It has EVERYTHING you want in a panto, lots of laughs, a glorious cast, huge song and dance numbers and a truly wonderful set. Add in the cutest of puppets ‘The Peaky Miners’ taking the place of the traditional dwarfs, and you have a panto that is both traditional, and yet totally up to the minute. An absolute triumph in fact.

Snow White is just about to turn 21 and finally gain her rightful throne in the kingdom of Wulfrunia, after spending years imprisoned by her wicked stepmother Dragonella. Dragonella has other ideas and plans to do away with Snow White, consulting her (AI) magic mirror to plot her downfall. Snow White does have friends though, her faithful nurse Nanny Nolly and her son Muddles, who is secretly in love with Snow White. There is also her ‘fairy guidance’ Elementa, the spirit of the forest, and her new admirer, Prince William of Wombourne who will support her through thick and thin, but Dragonella will not be an easy foe to beat, and Snow White may need the help of her new, little friends, the Peaky Miners in order to win the day.

Full dress rehearsal of Snow White, at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.
Evie Pickerill

This is a wonderful panto, one that is visually stunning and glittering in the way  that only panto can be. The whole cast is sublime, packed full with a talented ensemble cast who are a complete joy. Kelle Bryan from Eternal plays the Fairy Elementa with sass and style, and gets the show off to a brilliant start with a rendition of Mariah’s Christmas classic ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, Niki Colwell Evans is wonderfully vixenish as Queen Dragonella but is also able to reduce the audience to hysterics as a (very Black Country) crone. CBeebies favourites Evie Pickerill and Gyasi Sheppy are perfect as Snow White and Prince William, both showing off some impressive vocal talents and great comedy timing. especially in the final song ‘If I was not in pantomime’. The return of the comedy dream team of Tam Ryan as Muddles and Ian Adams are Nanny Nolly is just the icing on the cake of what is a perfect cast that totally sums up the spirit of panto.

This panto is one of the best I have seen in years, the choice of songs are brilliant – real singalong classics, sometimes with hilarious new lyrics. Abba’s Fernando being turned into an ode to Nando’s is a particular highlight. This totally feels like Wolverhampton’s panto with the set and costume design by David Sheilds, Musical Direction by Adrian Jackson, direction by David Janson and choreography by Natalie Bennyworth all to be cherished.

Snow White is just glorious in every way!


Saturday 2 December 2023 – Sunday 7 January 2024

Performance times vary, please see website here.

Tickets from £16.50*

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