Some More Christmas Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

As we edge ever closer to Christmas, I continue in my quest to present you with some gift ideas that you may not have considered, from companies that are both independent and interesting. Tomorrow I will be focusing on some ideas for men, but today its all about the ladies in your life.

Gold Shooting Star Handwriting Necklace From Inscripture

I often talk about how personalised jewellery is a really special gift to give, but the Gold Shooting Star handwriting necklace from jewellery brand Inscripture actually takes this concept, and then knocks it out of the park. Inscripture can actually take the handwriting of a loved one, and can then immortalise this on a piece of jewellery, allowing you to carry your loved one around with you every single day.

Inscripture are the UK’s Leading Handwriting Specialists, an Award Winning family run business established in 2016 with a vision to create timeless, unique, sentimental and style savvy items to treasure. As an independent online store with a Studio based in Essex, their core values have always been to provide personal customer service and exceptional quality items at affordable, competitive prices. They believe in creating and designing beautiful, original, meaningful and functional items for both Adults & Children, a little bit different to the high street and personality driven.

My Gold shooting Star handwriting necklace is a beautiful piece of jewellery in its own right, with the glorious shooting star giving it a Disney feel, but is now made even more exceptional as it contains a message from my son that was taken from a birthday card he sent me when he was around 7 years old. I simply took a picture of his handwriting from the card and then was then rendered to the heart – totally recognisable as Joe’s writing, and heart-stoppingly beautiful. This message doesn’t have to be from a child, it would work wonderfully as a gift from a partner, or even using the writing of a loved one that has passed on. Each Handwriting item they create is unique and extremely sentimental to its owner, it tells a story, so they take great care in ensuring each step maintains the quality and detail from start to finish to give an exact engraving extracted from the image supplied as opposed to an imitation/replica. They can also engrave Drawings, Prints, Soundwaves & more, turning treasured memories into cherished keepsakes is our speciality.

Ballonet Socks – Bright and Cheery

Let’s be honest, socks have always been a mainstay of Christmas, but I can honestly say they have not been as bright, as colourful and as soft and cosy as those from Ballonet.

Ballonet socks are made from brushed cotton yarns without polyester, this means that they not only look good, but they are durable and wash really well. Their designs are just lovely, with some special looks just for Christmas, and they feel super soft, comfy and breathable. 

I love the funky designs, and the fact that the brains behind Ballonet are a female design duo working on those designs in London.

You can check out their designs by visiting the Ballonet website here.

Dolma Vegan Perfume

Dolma Fragrances are hero products for both men and women. Since 1982 they have created wonderful scents that smell divine, but are also certified vegan and cruelty-free, and are also free from Palm Oil, Parabens & Phthalates.

Dolma create a range of products that would work as gift ideas, from bath and body ideas, to scented candles, but their fragrances are the real stars, coming in a stylish, minimalistic bottle with a range of stunning scents that range from deep and heady Winter scents, to light and airy floral, Springlike fragrances. You can order a discovery kit if you would like to try a range of the fragrances before you choose the one to supersize.

My chosen scent is Andromeda, which features an orange undertone due to Neroli and Orange blossom. I love the fruit and floral combinations in this fragrance, and the fact that it lasts forever, leaving a really beautiful fragrance that lingers and tantalises the senses.

An Umbrella From Primaberry

PrimaBerry is a UK based sustainable online clothing and accessories store for men, women and children, featuring collections inspired by the diversity and culture of multiple countries from around the globe. They not only have a great range of beautiful gift ideas this Christmas, but they also allow you to support small business and sustainability, an idea becoming increasingly important as we make our buying choices.

Their Afternoon Tea umbrella is just gorgeous, particularly if you know someone who is partial to afternoon tea.  Decorated with colourful porcelain teacups, scones, macaroons, and a teapot, the umbrella has a recycled plastic handle, and the panels are made from recycled Pongee.

The umbrella can easily be folded down to carry in your bag, and has a cover for when it is not in use.


Toff London is a family company based in London that is home to a beautiful range of quirky watches that can be tailored to your needs and taste. Their watches come in a range of dial designs that include robins, horses, pugs and rabbits, making them perfect for animal lovers, and then you can also choose the colour of your strap, face and the metal of the dial and case.

I love the quirky quality of the designs, and think the Robin in particular, is a gorgeous Christmas gift idea. I also think this is a practical gift that works for pretty much every age, from a young person getting their first watch, to an adult looking for a watch to wear everyday.

Toffs London watches come beautifully gift boxed, making them a lovely gift idea. They can also be engraved with a special message.

Christmas Gin From The Secret Garden Distillery

I’ve always been a big fan of the glorious botanical gins from The Secret Garden Distillery, their flavours are always delicious, and the bottles are made for displaying on a gin trolley.

This Christmas they have absolutely outdone themselves with their wonderful Christmas gin duo boxed set.  The Christmas Gin is naturally festive in flavour and Wild is a London Dry gin that showcases the wonders of wild plants. As ever, Secret Garden Gins are lovingly crafted using 100% natural ingredients. There are no added sugars, artificial colourings, flavourings or additives. This makes them wonderfully tasty, and combined with the beautiful gift box, this really is a lovely gift.

Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts Enamel Pin

Harry Potter is such a popular, iconic story, that everyone seems to know at least one super fan, so the lovely Back To Hogwarts Enamel Pin could make a lovely gift or stocking filler for a Potter mad loved one.

This brooch/pin is a commemorative 2021 design, and is beautifully made, but would also be good if you need to send a gift across the miles as it would easily fit into an envelope. The pin features the Hogwarts Express, with 2021 in a plume of steam from the engine.

You can find a whole range of pins and more from




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