Some Useful Information About Cranberry Juice And Fruit

There are several government-sponsored and even private groups dedicated to carrying out clinical research. Some of these researches are aimed at finding out the pros and cons of consuming/using certain fruits, vegetables, and drugs.

While you should be curious about their findings, you need to understand the level of research. This will help you make the right decisions if you must use them for any reason.

In light of this, you should know that research into the pros and cons of using Cranberry Juice is still at a very early stage. So, you cannot make absolute conclusions. However, the findings for the time being are still beneficial.

They can give answers to some of the myths surrounding the use of this fruit or products made from it. A typical example of such is the question “does cranberry juice help pass a drug test?” to which many people make unfounded conclusions.

As a result of some of the research conducted, we have discovered that this fruit cannot entirely help in this regard. This is especially if the date for the test is close and involves the use of hair follicles.

So, this article intends to offer some useful information about Cranberry and products made from it. You can trust that you will be aware of some pros and cons of using this fruit by the end of this write-up.

Some Advantages of Taking Cranberry Juice and Fruit

As explained above, research on the effects of this fruit especially on the human body is very much at an early stage. Many of the findings are obtained from experiments performed on animal specimens. However, we have gathered that some of the benefits of cranberry on the human body include the following:

Prevention or Reduction of Damages Caused by Aging

You should know that the human body begins to experience a decline as a result of aging. For instance, Arthritis is most common among aging people. This is because their cartilages begin to experience wear and tear.

Just as with arthritis, there are many other health complications that aging people are vulnerable to. This is why senior citizens need to be more conscious about their lifestyle choices. For instance, they need to be more deliberate about eating what they need rather than what they want.

On this note, we have gathered that the consumption of Cranberry juice especially by these individuals will help. This is because many of the chemical compositions of cranberry juice are antioxidants.

As antioxidants, they make sure free radicals do not cause damage or reduce the effects. They do this by reacting to free radicals in the following ways:

  • Triggering the decomposition
  • Obstructing their formation
  • Scavenging them

As a result of this, people stand a better chance of dealing with health complications caused by aging. Some of these health complications include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Digestive Complications
  • Urinary Tract Complications
  • Heart-Related Complications

These are just some of the age-related health problems that cranberry juice can help with. If you are interested in finding out more about health complications closely associated with aging at large, you can read this.

Preventing Infections

Especially since 2010, researchers have made some headway in finding out how cranberry juice helps prevent certain infections. For instance, these researches have gone on to prove how the activities of this juice in the body can prevent the growth and harmful effects of 7 kinds of bacterial microbes.

Other than its ability to prevent these harmful bacteria microbes, it also deals with some viruses. For instance, the virus known as norovirus falls under this category.

The ability of cranberries to deal with viruses such as norovirus is a big relief for many. This is because norovirus causes illness that is food-borne which makes it very common.

There are several other advantages other than the 2 explained above. For instance, it has been discovered that cranberry helps the digestive system, prevents or treats bladder-related infections, improves the state of the heart, and several other benefits.

Some Disadvantages of Taking Cranberry Juice and Fruit

Certain side effects can come with the use of this fruit. This is regardless of the several advantages explained above. Some of the cons of using cranberry juice and fruit include the following:

Drug Compatibility Problems with Certain Drugs

Frankly, we strongly advise that you stay away from this fruit and its products until your health professional gives a go-ahead. This is because its use does not sit well with certain drugs that could be in the body system.

So, you need to be sure you have not taken any of these drugs recently. Some of the drugs that cranberry is not compatible with include:

  • Flurbiprofen
  • Diclofenac
  • Cyclosporine
  • Ceflacor
  • Amoxicillin

The Weird Taste

Aside from some health reasons, there are reasons manufacturers of these fruit juices use other fruits alongside. This is because of its taste.

It has a weird taste capable of irritating the teeth, gum, and tongue. So, manufacturers add some sweeter fruits to make up for this. Some products still present some degree of weird taste even despite this. So, people that cannot stand such a taste might have difficulty consuming this fruit juice.

Caution with Cranberry Juice and Fruit

There is no doubting the fact that this fruit offers a lot of health benefits. This is especially for adults and aging people but we advise extreme caution with children.

However, you need to exercise some level of restrain with this fruit juice. This is because an excessive amount of it can cause dehydration at the very least. The reason is that it facilitates the speedy excretion of toxins in the body through the bladder.

However, this can leave the person dehydrated. Or worse still, it can have a negative impact on the level of water in the body. If you are interested in finding out how much cranberry is too much, you can visit:


There are so many myths surrounding its use. Understanding the results of some research on the effects of this fruit in the human body will help you know what is true or not. This is exactly what this article has done and we hope that you make informed health decisions based on the information shared here.

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