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Promoting yourself and your business has changed a lot over the past 20 years, with much of the way we promote transferred to the online community through websites, social media and video channels like TikTok and YouTube. However, even with these online options, it remains the case that you still have to get word of those out into the world initially,  that you still need people to know that you have a website with a product to promote, or how you can be contacted in the first instance. It is a statement of fact that to promote yourself initially, it is still best to turn to the traditional methods of advertising – Print.

Aura Print are a company that enables you to promote yourself, in the form of business cards, and also to promote your business with flyers, stickers and business stationery. Where Aura print are different from other companies is that they have pulled printed items kicking and screaming into the 21st century through the use of metallic foils, glossy laminates, and other materials that are guaranteed to make you, and your business stand out.

Business Cards

Even in our post modern times when it seems everything is done online, business cards are still the essential (and frankly the best) way to share your personal contacts and social media information. Anyone who works in any sort of networking environment will be asked countless times ‘do you have a card?’ but these cards mount up in wallets and briefcases, so it is of the utmost importance that your card stands out from the rest.

Aura Print allows you to have complete control of what your card looks like, and the information it contains. You can choose your card to be double sided (perhaps with your personal details on one side, and your business information on the other) and you can also create a card of double thickness, a real sign of quality. Aura Print has some templates that are designed for specific areas of business (for example hairdressing of fashion), so you can either choose something like this as a base, or tailor make your own.

At Aura Print, we pride ourselves on the enormous range of customisation options we have on offer. From personalised foil business cards with rounded corners, painted edges, and all the trimmings, to duplexed custom foil print business cards available on an enormous range of paper stocks. From coated classics to eco favourites and coloured cardstocks, with an overwhelming selection of paper types.

What I really like is that, if you are unsure and still looking for inspiration, you can order a sample pack so you can take a closer look. This is especially useful when it comes to the foil designs, which really need to be seen in person so you can make an informed choice from the colours which include copper, holographic, and brilliant blue.


Another really great way to promote any fledgling business is through stickers. Stickers can be great to give out at conferences, trade events and fairs, and also to put into goodie bags, and again they can be a great way to share your website or social media handle, through the use of fluorescent, foil and laminated designs.

Stickers are great because they really catch the eye and can be added to desks, mirrors and even windows. They work well from a business point of view as they promote your brand in a really fun way, but Aura Print also do designs that would be loved by teenagers (to decorate iPad covers and school books), and also wedding stickers that could be a fun way to ‘save the date.’

Aura Print say:-

Knowing how to make your own custom stickers with full customisation, high quality print and on-hand graphic designers can be tricky, right? Well call off the search, you found us.

With Aura Print, you can make your own stickers safe in the knowledge that we’re equipped to handle all your sticker design and print needs. From unique sticker sheets created to show off your awesome tattoo flash designs to individually cut business stickers for sealing your bakery packaging, we’ve got it covered.

We may live in a modern digital world, but sometimes, print, tangible print that you can hand out, save and refer to, is still King.


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