Sorting out those eye problems with Optical Express

Once upon a time, the only way to deal with eye problems was through the wearing of glasses.  They came in all guises, from National Health monstrosities I remember so well from school (pink and blue frames for girls, the brown frames that Jarvis Cocker wore so ironically for boys), to much more expensive, stylish designs. Glasses could look great, but they also proved to be expensive, made certain sports and activities difficult, and could even be slightly painful for the nose.

Contact lenses were a brilliant development for many people. They alleviated the need to wear glasses, but for some people they were never a real option. My sister really wanted to avoid wearing glasses on her wedding day, but discovered an additional eye problem that meant she couldn’t – she left her glasses off and was fairly myopic for most of the day. Other people find difficulty in actually applying the lenses, and, of course, cost is another issue. Which is why I think more and more people are looking closely at the option of Laser Eye Surgery such as that offered by Optical Express.

My mom and Sister both wear glasses.

My mom and Sister both wear glasses.

My sister left the glasses off on her wedding day, but was slightly myopic all day!

My sister left the glasses off on her wedding day, but was slightly myopic all day!

Corrective laser eye surgery is life changing. The Optical Express website explains just some of the ways that having poor eye-sight can affect the quality of your life:-

“Poor eyesight holds you back in so many ways. You can only do what your glasses or contacts allow you to. Running, playing and traveling is all that bit more difficult if you don’t have great vision. It shouldn’t be like that.”

The great thing about Laser Eye surgery is that it is a relatively quick process, which is also increasingly affordable. It works when a beam of light from a state-of-the-art laser carefully reshapes the cornea to correct your vision problem. The procedure is blade free – simply using laser technology to address those issues you may have had since birth.


My sister-in-law Lina had this procedure some time ago after an adult life of always wearing glasses and has never regretted it. The glasses and the contact lenses were thrown away, and now the only time she opts for glasses is when putting on the sunnies.

You can get a free consultation at Optical Express, which can address any of those issues you may have questions about.


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