Sourcing a garage through ‘Book My Garage’

Today it seems we do everything on line. We shop for our groceries through online supermarkets and then have our food delivered. We book our holidays online and print off our own tickets. We shop for Christmas through websites and even choose a gift wrap option. We book concert tickets, chat to our friends, post our photographs and even voice our opinions in 140 characters or less. We literally spend our lives organising said lives online.

The same is true when it comes to our cars. Or at least it is almost true. For whilst we will buy a car online, and will hunt out the best deals when it comes to car insurance by searching the web, the same can not be said about booking car maintenance.  A recent survey conducted by, an online directory of UK garages, found that only 18% of people currently book a garage online.


The results are surprising when we think of how many other services we do secure online. Furthermore, there was a definite regional bias to the results. In London, almost a third of people do book garages online, whilst in Northern Ireland no-one questioned said they would book any garage services on the net.  People generally preferred to make their bookings over the telephone or in person. Yet this seems very strange when we consider the reasons why we do so many other things online. Convenience, cost and availability that suits our busy daily life are all important when we look for a service, and yet we seem to choose to avoid this when it comes to our motors.

Karen Rotberg, director of says:-

  “While the UK is one of the leading countries when it comes to online purchasing. Customers book MOTs, services and repairs for their cars in a traditional way,“However, booking online through websites such as gives customers the chance to compare prices and get the best deal for them, just as they would if they were looking for car insurance. By booking online customers could save on the cost of their car maintenance as well as find a convenient time and date.”


It seems to make perfect sense to me that a service that could source all the garages in your area just from your postcode, along with times that are convenient to you,  as well as being able to compare prices and give you an approximate cost based on the issue, would be something worth using. Maybe we need to embrace the web for more than just our car insurance in the future.

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16 thoughts on “Sourcing a garage through ‘Book My Garage’

  1. I only got my licence a few months ago and since I spend half my time in London, I have yet to invest in my own car – thankfully, my dad is kind enough to let me use his when I’m in France -, but I can’t see why I wouldn’t book a garage online. It seems silly in this day and age.

  2. Oh I’ve booked my car in for a service online – that was a mess thankfully it was sorted out but sometimes with some car issues it pays to shop around and look online for great deals.

  3. I think eventually we’ll book pretty much everything online. I’d never heard of this service before but it seems useful so I’ll look into it 🙂

  4. I don’t have a call yet but my dad almost always prefers to go in person or book over the phone than online. It is surprising but then again not so surprising

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