Sparkle And Shine: Glitter And Sequins Are Not Just For Party Season.

The rules of Christmas dressing are like no other time on the year. Wear sequins in the daytime? Absolute yes. Every jumper or top has to be so glittery it leaves a trail everywhere you walk. Another absolute tick in the box. It’s Winter, and it’s cold, but this doesn’t mean the tree should be the only one dressed up. Christmas is for daytime sparkes.

But then January comes and the old rules return. Winter muted colours, sparkles totally banished, or kept for the odd night out, and the sort of outfits for women by justyouroutfit, the glorious party wear, sheer sleeves and sparkles you find in abundance over the Christmas period, are now banished to the wardrobe for at least the next 11 months. Which I think is a real shame. Because in the deepest, darkest part of Winter, we need, more than ever, those sparkles and rays of light. When the days are short, and it seems looke Winter is never going to end , we need something totally glamorous that will totally raise our mood.

Think about it. You wouldn’t  sit at home in the dark, so why wear the equivalent of a dark room? More than ever we need something bright and beautiful, shiny and sparkling, something with a hint of glitter. Sparkle and shine indeed. Sparkle is not just for evening wear, and is certainly not just for Christmas. It’s just about how you style it. A sequined pencil skirt can work well with a chunky knit jumper and a chunkier style boot for day wear. Glittery tops can be totally dressed down if you add Jean’s, coated skinnies and trainers. Even your favourite metallic party dress will look totally different, and daytime with the addition of a thin knit polo neck jumper worn underneath.

Next year, make the most of your wardrobe by adapting your pieces for day to night wear. If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for you!

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