Spring 2021 Accessories Trends

With Christmas just around the corner and with the likelihood of spending a lot of time indoors next spring dooming on us, let’s have a quick look at some of the hottest fashion trends for next season! Brightening our outfits and lives with the right accessories is easy!

Essential Oils Jewellery

With all the stress of this year… endless Zoom calls, having children at home all the time and being restricted in our comings and goings, it’s safe to say we all, but especially mothers, could use a little pampering.

Whether you are an avid wellness fan, or just starting to look at some ways to bring more relaxation and reduce stress in your life, these gorgeous essential oil necklaces are for you.

Just dab a drop of lavender or rose essential oil and enjoy being surrounded in peace and calm, while looking fashionable with any of these gorgeous pendants.

Face Masks

It looks like a face mask is not going to leave anytime soon. So why not look amazing while having to add one to our outfits? Brighten up your spring with choosing masks with chains or bows or just a fun colourful pattern that will match your look. We also have seen a lot of beautiful mask holder chains around!


Spring is the best time to bring out your playful side! Dress it up with a solid pastel colour headband for the daytime, and jazz things up in the evening with a thick black velvet headband to instantly transform you into a Hollywood diva.  We also love them on bad hair days!

Spring is the time to take a step out of the box and try new things so you are not only wearing the right type of accessories for a particular occasion, but also creating a whole new style for you!

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Jessica Fernhof is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to lifestyle blogs about jewellery, fashion and current trends. She loves all things summer, the beach and her two cats. Her latest favourite jewelry collection can be seen on Yellow Summer page.

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