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Spring Clean Your Life This Spring

With temperatures that are going to hit the mid twenties this week, it certainly feels like Spring has finally sprung. And with the coming of the new season, now is the time to make a few changes by Spring cleaning your life. Look at everything, from your clothes, your home, your health and your life in general, and aim to make a few changes that will make your overall life better in some way.

Your Health

That diet you always mean to start, the exercise plan, or plans to join a gym that never seem to come off. It is so easy to put off being fit and healthy, and to just grab for that next slice of pizza. But Spring is the right time to make a start on getting fit and healthy. Add a daily walk to your day – maybe leave the car behind when you do the school run, or give up on the desert if you eat out in order to cut down those calories.

If you are still smoking – why? The cost of cigarettes continues to rise, and we all know about the damage that smoking does to our bodies and health. There is never a better time to give up than right now, and if you feel that going completely cold turkey might be too difficult, you could at least switch to vaping, using something like Grey Haze to help you initially cut down from actual cigarettes, saving you some money as well.

Your Clothes, Your Home

We all have too much stuff. Fact. When it comes to our wardrobes we all seem to have things we don’t need, never wear and actually don’t much like, and yet don’t seem to want to part with. The reality is that if we haven’t worn it in some time, it could be doing a much better job if we donated it to a charity shop. The feeling of opening your wardrobe and being able to actually see what we have makes it much easier to get dressed in the mornings, especially when your clothes are no longer dropping out each time you open the door.

Clutter in the home is no better. It is a nightmare to keep the dust at bay when you have so much ‘stuff’. So have a sort out and donate, or even sell what you don’t want or need. No-one is saying it needs to be minimalist (unless you covert that style of course) but you don’t need to live in a museum either. There is a lot to be said for space!

Your Life

A little bit of organisation can go a long way, so having a planner on your fridge, and a diary in your bag should mean that you are not trying to remember everything in your head (and then forgetting things, causing stress and panic.). Having everything written down can also show if you are heading in the right direction in terms of work/life balance – there really should be some blank spaces on your diary where you can just have a bath and chill in front of the TV.

Why don’t you Spring clean your life this Spring.

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  • Emma

    I love this. I have done a lot of spring cleaning (I just finished everything on this list!) but I haven;t spring cleaned any other area of my life. I definitely need to work on planning out my life better, so I’m going to start working on that. Thanks!

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