Spring Resolutions For Your Home, Lifestyle and Health

Am I the only person who thinks that making resolutions in the new year is a complete waste of time? By that, I don’t mean that resolutions per se are the issue, just that January is the wrong time to be making them. Think about it, it is cold, dark, we have that feeling of malaise that comes straight after the fun and excitement of Christmas, and then we expect that we will be able to comply with our new, self-inflicted rules that make us try to give up alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, or try to help us get fit by joining a gym or starting a new exercise regime. No wonder so many of us give up within a couple of weeks!

I think Spring is a much better time to try to start some new regimes and basically get our life and home in order. The sun is shining, the days are longer, and we are in a much better frame of mind than we were when we had just finished with turkey and tinsel. If you are looking to turn your so-so life into a wonderful life, then now is just the right time to make a start.

Home Improvements

Home improvements, particularly those on a grander scale, are much better when started in the Summer. Think about it – you want a room painted, but will need the windows open to help with drying – do you really want to do this in January? I can ask a similar question about pretty much any building work, and it certainly applies if your building work is outside. If you want to improve the structural look of your home, the internet is a great source to help you find the skilled people you need, to be able to read recent testimonials, and look around for the most competitive prices.

Home improvements do not have mean large jobs though, Spring is also the perfect time to sort the garden so you will be able to enjoy the sunshine in a beautiful, blooming environment. Gardening doesn’t have to cost a fortune these days, Poundland is a treasure trove of planters and garden accessories that are both useful and attractive and will certainly improve the look of your garden for a very minimal budget.

Your Life and Career

Spring is a good time to take a good look at those choices that you may have been putting off. Are you happy with your job and career, or is now the time to make a change? If you are thinking of going back into education, or training for a different career, now is the time to start to inquire about courses that you may choose to take in September. If you are interested in fitness, you could look at training for a new career that also incorporates your interests. For instance you could do a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online India course, and become a certified yoga instructor, something that is worthwhile and fulfilling.

If you have been having issues at work, Spring is the time to get brave and try to resolve those issues. You spend a long time in the work place, far too long to be unhappy, so take advice from conciliatory agencies or an intermediary.

If you are currently working for yourself, Spring is a good time to get your filing and accounts in order and to improve on any systems you already have in place. If you are spring cleaning your home and life, then there is no space for lots of bits of paperwork being left all over your home.

Your Health and Fitness

Winter is a difficult time for us fitness wise. We comfort eat in front of the TV (especially when facing the ‘Beast from the East’ twice in less than a month) and try to avoid going out, especially when it is cold and dark and we are at the end of a long day. This seems to be especially true for women, who join the gym with high hopes after Christmas, and then seem to permanently leave that gym bag hidden away in a cupboard.

But Spring means light nights, and the chance to really enjoy getting out and about at the end of a day stuck inside. Fitness doesn’t have to mean the gym, or a run, it can mean a lovely walk after dinner, a bike ride before it goes dark, a swim in your local pool, even a kickabout with the kids in the park.

We can eat healthier too. Ditch that chocolate for some fruit, or a lovely fruit jelly. Maybe add salads rather than chips to your meals – this seems to be so much easier in warmer weather. Also, maybe eat al fresco when possible, and leave the social media in the house – you will eat slower, and therefore not only enjoy your food, but will eat less and avoid the indigestion that comes from eating at speed on the run.

What are you doing to change your lifestyle this Spring?



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