Spring/Summer Fashion Ad Campaigns – The Good, the Bad and the Just plain weird.

The Spring/Summer ad campaigns had their grand unveiling last week in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and the rest of the glossies. It’s always an exciting time for fashionistas, a chance to examine a range of beautiful images from the likes of Mert and Marcus, Steven Meisel and Mario Testino. Fashion Mommy has enjoyed the last few days perusing the images, and here in my opinion, are the good, bad and the just plain weird.

The Good

Bottega Veneta. This is absolutely stunning. Karolina Kurkova channels Tippi Hedron in The Birds, with beautiful 60s style tailoring and long black eyelashes. The serene blue sky is perfect except for the sinister black bird hovering ominously overhead.

Dior.  Beautiful. Karlie Kloss, with a mane of tumbling auburn curls resembles Rita Hayworth playing Gilda (although she does remind me of Jessica Biel too). The clothes are amazing – think Yacht club still of the 1930s, especially the pretty prints covered with the white raincoat. I love the mixture of prints too. Shot by Steven Meisel.

Armani. Very dark and glamorous. Elisa Sednaoui reminds me of the dark, dangerous glamour of Wallis Franken in this campaign. Love the focus on all black when most of the other campaigns are awash with colour. Shot by Nick Knight.

Bally.This is a great campaign featuring mismatched brights and fabulous wedge heels. It has a real 70s feel to it and the model, Constance Jablonski reminds me of a young Lauren Hutton. A great feel good, fun campaign.Mulberry. This is a gorgeous fantasy shoot. Based upon ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, it actually reminds me more of Alice in Wonderland, with the models resembling some sort of beautiful Tweedledum and Tweedledee figures. A stunning visual, the girl’s hair matches the amazing satchel bags and ankle boots. Crazy and wonderful.

Louis Vuitton. This is so different from the Mad Men inspired shoot of A/W 2010. This suggests the Paris of The beautiful fall’ era of Lagerfeld and St Laurent. It has a luxurious disco vibe which makes me think of Angelica Huston and Tina Chow at their most beautiful. Very San Tropez vibe, and featuring a whole range of supermodels, Freja Beha Erichson, Raquel Zimmerman and Kristen McMenamy, this is destined to become an iconic set of shots that just scream decadence, glamour and two-tone bags!

Chanel. Freja is still the star of the show in this inspired shoot. It takes iconic pieces of Chanel, Coco-esque tweed suits and acres of pearls, but sexes them up with tiny hot pants and pixie boots. I love how this shoot reflects both the past and the future of Chanel, Duchess of Devonshire suits and pearls, but with acres of leg on show.

Versace. Featuring January Jones from Mad Men. These make you wonder – is it an updated Christine Keeler? A millennium Angie Dickinson. These are beautiful black and white shots of Betty Draper in the buff!

The Bad.

MIU MIU. I love the red dress, but the hall of mirrors style shoot, with the model, Kasia Struss resembling a shop dummy wearing an Evel Knieval style jacket leaves me cold. It’s frankly quite spooky.

Chloe. What! Oh No! Tacky football style shorts and a cousin it hairdo. NEXT!

D&G. Suntanned skin. Victorian style lace slips and corsets. Very Helmut Newton style, but doesn’t really showcase anything other than some lesbionic fantasy images.

And the just plain weird…

Givenchy. Did you watch This is England 86? Remember the main characters Lol and Woody, with their terrible hairdos? Well, you could be forgiven for thinking they were starring in the new campaign for Givenchy! Androgynous – most definitely. Stylish…err…I think I’ll pass on that one.

This is England 86




So there you have it. Some fantastic campaigns, some amazing clothes. Now, roll on the Spring!!!