Staying Occupied in Lockdown

The current global crisis asks no more of us than to remain safely indoors as much as possible, and yet as a global community, we’re finding that that’s a surprisingly big challenge.

The key to success in these difficult times is to find ways of staying occupied during this period of lockdown. If you can fill your day with fulfilling tasks, you can distract yourself from the inevitable stress and worry, find a sense of satisfaction even while your opportunities for work and leisure are drastically reduced (or at least altered). If you’re sharing limited space with people, then finding ways to fill your – and their! – time can help to stop you from getting on top of each other. 

This is not to say that time not filled is wasted, but if you’re feeling time is passing slowly, and stress and worry is weighing down on you, then finding constructive ways to occupy yourself can help.

Taking Up a Hobby

Even if you’re still working, albeit from home, the time you save by not commuting quickly stacks up. If you’re unable to work and have been furloughed, then you have plenty of time on your hands. A good way to fill that time is by investigating a hobby that you’ve not previously had the leisure to pursue. 

Money is a consideration for all of us right now, and trips to hobby crafting stores don’t come under the definition of essential travel but you can do a surprising amount from home, using supplies around the house and with what you can add to your shopping basket in the supermarket. Needles, thread, scissors and glue are all available in even small corner shops, and bigger ones could offer paint, fabric and other crafting supplies. With thread, scissors, some nails or tacks, and some scraps of wood or an old picture frame you have everything you need to make a small DIY loom and see if weaving appeals to you!

If your new crafting hobby inspires you, you could take it further and order a craft subscription box and get everything you need delivered to you for a new project every month.


If you’re trying to stretch what you’ve got in the cupboards further, or get more to eat from the money you spend in the supermarket, this is a good time to try and level up your cooking skills. With additional time at home, you have the chance to try out longer recipes that use cheaper ingredients or cuts of meat that need cooking for longer to tenderise them and extract the flavours within!


You don’t have to turn out the next great novel. Simply writing a diary of your impressions of each day or week can help you pick out notable events as time passes and add texture to your days. If you’re caring for children during this period, this is a great project that can help create structure for them and give them something to reflect on in future years.

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