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Staying safe when travelling during a pandemic.

With the stay-at-home restrictions slowly lifting, it’s understandable that you and your family want to feel white sand under your toes instead of carpet flooring whilst enjoying one or two cocktails (and some fresh orange juice for the little ones). I mean, it sounds great, right? Why not start planning? 

How can you safely travel during a pandemic? Is it possible to social distance whilst travelling? These are great questions and, of course, it’s important to be careful and considerate of others when travelling during these uncertain times but it’s not impossible.

Protection is key.

Whether you are going for a walk at a national park or you are brave enough to get on an airplane, personal protection equipment is essential to protect you and your family. Aviation Spares & Repairs recommends disposable face masks, face shields, FFP2 respirator masks, hand sanitiser and disposable gloves. Needless to say that protective equipment should be used alongside other protective measures, including social distancing and regular hand washing.

Should children wear face masks? How do I get my child to wear one? You ask yourself. Janine Juldie published an article dedicated to children and face masks, where it is mentioned to not assume that your child doesn’t want to wear a face mask from the start. Instead, introduce the idea of wearing a face mask to your children and ask them what their thoughts are as they might be excited about wearing a mask with their favourite colour or pattern on it. Surgical mask Canada of JYCare also has these non-medical masks for kids with different pattern designs that every kid would love to wear.

Staycation or vacation?

For a normal vacation, you are most likely to have to get on a plane, which might be a bit daunting. However, studies show that if people follow the World Health Organisation’s guidelines the risk of transmission aboard planes is significantly reduced.

If the thought of stepping inside a crowded airplane is still the last thing on your mind, why not go on a staycation? This way, you can safely drive to your destination while avoiding other people. You might be heading to the seaside or staying in the countryside, simply remember to follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of your family and the people around you.

General considerations.

As this article on National Geographic states, “during a pandemic, going to the grocery store – let alone travelling to another city or country – requires new protocols.” So, make sure you follow the regulations about lockdown restrictions and mandatory quarantines at your planned destination and home country alike.

Think about your personal situation and if anyone in your family has a higher risk of contracting the virus. Plus, the last thing you want is to bring the virus to your loved community. These are all things to consider before deciding where to go on holiday.

What are your thoughts on travelling during this pandemic?

This article was written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter at Bishops Stortford website design agency Ad Lab.

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