Storage solutions for the ever growing wardrobe

Once upon a time we had one wardrobe, and were able to fit everything in it. But these days we seem to need ever-growing space to fit our ever-growing wardrobes and accessories. We have our Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter wardrobes that need to be switched as the seasons change, we hold onto clothes that we feel might come back into fashion at some stage, and just seem to buy more in general, through sales, charity shops, online auctions, clothes shops – the list is endless. Extra storage has become so important that companies like now offer the option of storage rooms that are clean, painted and polished, offering a perfect alternative to the rather dusty loft that we used to use.

Here are some examples of different types of storage for your wardrobe – from ways to store accessories to large storage rooms.

Accessories and storage boxes

Pretty items like scarves and jewellery can be stored in a range of pretty, vintage style boxes. These actually look great – many have an appearance of vintage hats boxes and can be stored on top of wardrobes, or under beds if you lace space. Wisteria Avenue have a great range at the moment that resemble the sort of beautiful boxes that used to contain dresses and hats delivered from exclusive department stores in the 1920s.

Under stairs storage

Any cupboard space can be transformed by adding shelving and hooks. My hubby has recently worked his magic on a cupboard that we have under the stairs. Shelves were measured to make space for toys, pretty Art Nouveau style hooks were added to the door to hold some of my handbag collection. This was previously dead space that was used as a dumping ground for just about anything, now it is a relevant area that is easy to access and provides a storage area that is multi functional.

Walk in Wardrobes

There can’t be a woman alive who hasn’t dreamed of having a walk in wardrobe like the one’s that Carrie Bradshaw owned in Sex and the City. The one in the first movie was just amazing, but even in her own small apartment Carrie gave a lot of her living space over to her clothing. Walk in wardrobes are today much easier to achieve, perfect for the sort of box rooms that are just too small to be considered bedrooms, and with help from Ikea, you can create the correct storage space that is perfect for you.

Storage Rooms

And if all else fails, and you still find yourself stuffing your lovely belongings into every available space, then there is the option of storage rooms from companies like Lok’NStore. These rooms do the jobs that our lofts and attics used to do before we changed them into extra bedrooms in our quest for extra space. You have a key to the padlock for your space, which is bright, airy, clean and painted – no industrial space is this. This is the perfect solution when you are really stuck for where to put everything, and often costs less than £15 per week.