Stunning Jewellery Ideas From Newbridge Silver

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and Easter a month away, there are lots of opportunities to treat someone special to a beautiful piece of jewellery. If that jewellery is also rich in design and heritage, that can make the gift even more special. Newbridge Silverware has over 80 years of experience, from initially creating cutlery and tableware, to now producing award winning jewellery collections that combine classic elements of creation and design with contemporary attitude that makes the pieces stand out.

One of the most popular collections from Newbridge Silver is the Amy collection. Designed by Amy Huberman, the latest collection is inspired by sun, moon and stars and is delicate and pretty, with the pieces being 14k gold plated and treated with a protective anti tarnish layer. This makes the pieces shine and sparkle in the light, making them super attractive and eye catching.

Amy collection bangle

The Amy collection bangle is surprisingly sturdy for a piece that has a light and delicate appearance. This is an open backed bangle which slides easily onto the wrist, no fussing with hinges or clasps (the bane of women putting on jewellery by themself, remember Samantha in Sex and the City). The front of the bangle is decorated with two small stars, a moon and a larger Sun disk, giving it a celestial, astronomical look.

Drop Earrings with Sun and Stars

The Drop earrings with the sun and stars design are my favourite pieces from the Amy Huberman collection. These are light and delicate which makes then easy to wear all day, but the drop design is also super glamorous and would look so chic against a short hairstyle or an updo.

The design is a simple loop for the ear with no fastenings, and once again the earrings are 14 carat gold plating with an anti tarnish layer. The design is really fun and gorgeous and would appeal to all ages.


The Amy Pendant

The Amy pendant adds a gorgeous soaring bird to the sun, moon and stars design. A glorious shiny necklace that is sure to become an absolute favourite, the necklace has a slider mechanism and is on a chain that is 540mm in length.

This pendant has as much going on around the back as it does at the front, with a Newbridge Silver tag and Est 1934 tag that would hang down your back, making this a gorgeous option if you were wearing a little black dress or something backless.


All Newbridge Silver pieces come in the prettiest of pale blue gift boxes and are expertly wrapped so they arrive in perfect condition. Same day delivery options are available, and delivery to the UK is free.

All products can be purchased online at  at the showrooms at Newbridge Silverware, Co. Kildare (Ireland) or to find your nearest Newbridge Silverware stockist call 00 353 45 431301.

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