Style Focus: Nina Arianda

I love discovering a new style crush, and Nina Arianda is a lady who is as stylish on screen as she is off. I discovered Nina in ‘Stan and Ollie’, possibly my favourite film of the year so far, where she played plays Stan’s wife, Ida Kitaeva Laurel. It is a formidable performance of a pretty formidable lady, a former dancer who loved Stan with a passion.

In the film Ida has a very glamorous 1950s wardrobe, all full skirts, taffeta dresses and a cigarette in every scene (it was a very different time and all the most glamorous people smoked). She looks impeccable in every scene, groomed to perfection in a series of outfits that are perfect from head to toe. Nina certainly suits period dressing, having previously looked amazing in Florence Foster Jenkins where she played Agnes, in the story of the 1920s socialite who wanted to be classical singer, despite a distinct lack of singing talent.

Nina as Ida

Nina as Agnes in Florence Foster Jenkins

As well as being a formidable talent who has shone both on the big screen, but also on Broadway where she is a former Tony Award winner (For Venus in Furs), Nina has a fabulous personal style. Whilst she seems to shine on screen when playing sirens from the past, in real life she has a style that is elegant, sharp and utterly modern, looking equally at home in form fitting Herve Leger dresses, or in full length column styles that are perfect in their simplicity. She often favours strong colours, like most blondes she looks great in red, but also knows that you can’t really go wrong if you opt for a little black dress.



With fabulous looks and roles, both on stage and on screen, and with style that is lighting up the red carpet, I would say that Nina Arianda is definitely one to watch.

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