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Styling tips for the older gent

It was Coco Chanel who said ‘…fashion only fades, style remains the same…’ and whilst I think she was probably referring to her own effortless, ageless style when she said this, I think this is true to everyone, male or female. As we get older we may become less fashion-forward with our choices, may not take as many risks, but we may discover our true style, and that is something that really lasts.

Men’s clothing brand Chums have recently been focusing on questions about men’s style, looking at whether you can comprimise to ensure that you are both stylish and comfortable. They asked me for my own style tips for men, specifically men who are no longer looking to follow fashion, but to achieve a real look combining style and personality. With this in mind, I’ve put together a few tips that might ensure sartorial elegance at any age.

Avoid looking at London Fashion Week Men

These looks are to be left on the catwalk, never to be spoken of again. Last week a friend informed me that Chanel says it is OK for men to wear head to toe yellow this season. It isn’t – over ripe banana is never a good look, even Eric Twinge added blue to the mix.


But do get inspiration from the celebs

Many of Hollywood’s best dressed celebrity males are now the wrong side of 50. A case in point is the delectable George Clooney. Clooney totally understands the rules of male grooming, he’s suave, smart and elegant. He also recognises the beauty of timeless pieces, a well cut blazer, a plain shirt, wearing black and grey together, and the fact that even on formal occasions, you don’t always need a tie.


It’s all about tailoring

One of the main comments made about Donald Trump in terms of his personal style is just how bad the tailoring is. Oversized suits, shabby loose cuffs, extra long ties, these all go to make one extremely slovenly look. Well fitted clothes make all the difference, trousers with slimmer legs, fitted blazers in a single breasted style, even a thinner, smaller tie can transform a look from a fail, to a pass with flying colours.

Step away from the Grecian

Men, you are so lucky! You are allowed to grow old gracefully and it is called distinguished. So step away from the Grecian 2000 and embrace the white and grey. Salt and Pepper hair is so sexy, just look at the aforementioned George Clooney, Richard Gere, Paul Hollywood, Philip Schofield, the list of silver foxes are just endless.  Think about it, would you rather be an ageing Elvis with ridiculous hair, or a suave stylish gent with a distinguished edge?

Richard Gere arrives at the UK Premiere of Arbitrage, at the Odeon West End, in Leicester Square, London.


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