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We all know that Christmas is the season of partying. You dance till you drop, get up, and then start all over again. But even during this most jovial of seasons, there are times when all you want to do is put on your new pyjamas and curl up with a tin of Quality Street and watch some festive telly. But what to watch?

This season you are in luck, for Fashion-mommy has perused the Radio Times in order to organise your Christmas telly schedule. I have found the most stylish shows to watch this festive season. So, get the sherry and the choccies, put your feet up, and relax. You know it makes sense!

Kirsty’s Homemade Christmas(Channel 4, Tuesday 21st December). Clever, head girl Kirsty Allsop shows you an alternative to High Street shopping with her cute Christmas craft ideas. Don’t bother making anything, just enjoy watching Kirsty do it…and then go shopping!

The Princess and the Press – How Kate’s life will change forever(Channel 5, Tuesday 21st December -8.00pm). Profiling the newest style icon Kate Middleton, with a little bit of Prince William thrown in for good measure.

Ugly Betty finale(22nd December E4). These are the two final episodes of Ugly Betty. No longer quite as ugly, Betty will still be remembered as an unlikey style icon who influenced the likes of Marc Jacobs with her granny mismatched chic. Betty – gone but not forgotten. On a personal note I will always have fond memories of this series because my father-in-law (67) became addicted to this during a family cruise last year, to the high amusement of the rest of the family!

How to Marry a Millionaire (Sky Classics 22nd December). Watch this to check out the fashion show when Lauren Bacall wears a beautiful pastel print dress that looks like it could’ve come from Louis Vuitton. Her wedding dress is pretty fab too!

Eastenders – The Greatest Weddings(BBC3 23rd December). Eastenders is the square that style forgot – Stacey’s market store, do I need to say more? So enjoy this guilty pleasure as we look back on the meringues that have passed for wedding dresses during the past 25 years. What will be number 1 – Kat Slater in Paula Yates red? Bianca in flounces marrying Ricky part 1?

The fashion Show (Really December 24th – 9.00am-9.00pm). Enjoy 12 back to back episodes of this fashion design contest. It’s Christmas Eve – so watch this, then go out and party!

Dr Who(BBC 1 Christmas Day). Karen Gillan has become one of the style icons of the year, so watch her here as Amy Pond, the sassiest Dr’s assistant of all time. Add the stunning Katherine Jenkins to the mix, and you have probably the best Dr Who of all time.

Upstairs/Downstairs (BBC1 Boxing Day 9.00pm). I am really looking forward to this! Keely Hawes is playing Lady Agnes Holland, and in the publicity stills she looks absolutely amazing. She has apparently based her character on Samantha Cameron! Think lots of Bias cut sheath dresses and true 1930’s styling. Totally unmissable.

Love Story(Sky movie Classics Monday 27th December). A classic weepie for my mom and dads wedding anniversary, Love Story is as well-known for its style as it is for the story of doomed young love. Ali McGraw is so stylish and unbelievably beautiful in skinny rib sweaters, beanie hats and long,long scarves. Watch it, and rethink your winter wardrobe.

Grace Kelly Biography (BIO Channel Tuesday 28th December 7.00pm). Relive the V&A Grace Kelly exhibition by watching this biography of the style Icon who influenced so much of 2010’s ladylike style. Grace’s story is the stuff of fairy tales, but with a nightmarish ending.

And finally…enjoy a triple bill of one of Hollywood’s most stylish and enduring icons, Audrey Hepburn.

Funny Face(Sky Movies Classics Wednesday 29th December 7.10pm). Simply the greatest fashion movie of all time. Audrey is the book shop assistant who becomes the toast of Paris Fashion with a little help from Fred Astaire.Watch for the Think Pink scenario. Simply sublime.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s(Sky Movies Classics Thursday 30th December 3.30pm). Needs no introduction, this is Audrey at her most fabulous, wearing an iconic black dress and jewels and falling in love with the gorgeous George Peppard. A treat for all my huckleberry friends.

Sabrina(Sky movies Classics New Years Eve 9.00pm). This is probably my favourite Audrey Film, the one that introduced Givenchy to American audiences with the much copied black and white strapless dress. I think she makes the wrong choice in Humphrey Bogart, but this is still a really lovely end to 2010!