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Stylish Films: House of Gucci

Let’s be honest, a film starring the glorious Lady Gaga about the fall of the family behind the iconic, historic Gucci label, was never going to be anything other than super Stylish, but House of Gucci surpasses even my wildest expectations. The story of the events leading up to the murder of Maurizio Gucci, organised by his wife Patrizia, is a wild, eye popping tale of a family imploding and destroying itself in a quest to control the Gucci name and brand. It is a brilliant film that you just cant take your eyes off, and proves once again that Gaga is queen.

Fashion plays a major part in this story, and starts in 1978 when Maurizio first meets the glamorous Patrizia at a party. He is instantly interested, comparing her to Elizabeth Taylor, and indeed, with her form fitting dresses, cinched in trenchcoats and silk neck scarves, you can totally see the comparison. This is a neat, stylish look that harks back to the 1950’s, but with a disco era edge. In reality, the couple had met in 1970, so liberties have been paid with the timeframe, but this does allow you to see the difference in the original Patrizia style, and the one she adopted as she became a fully fledged member of the Gucci family.

As the film progresses we get to enjoy the full excess of 1980’s style, that overblown, ostentatious, money is everything look. Patrizia’s fur coats, expensive gold jewellery and power dressing are just fabulous, a real luxe elegant style that Lady Gaga totally rocks. In particular, one scene where she goes in search of fake Gucci bags whilst dressed head to toe in the label complete with iconic monograms is just brilliantly styled, and also shows how a label can go from iconic to ironic, and how easily a look can be reproduced without the prestige and quality that should go with it.

The impeccable styling is not just confined to Lady Gaga. Adam Driver as Maurizio starts with an air of geek chic in his Fair Isle style sweaters and neat trench coats, and then moves onto pinstripe, city chic in his own form of power dressing. The delectable Jack Huston is impeccable in sharp black suits and tie combos that contrast against the excesses of the other characters.

House of Gucci does have a trashy edge, but it is oh so fabulously entertaining. Absolutely one to watch, whether you own a Gucci bag, or a Gucci copy.

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