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It may only be March, but I still think Emma will prove to be one of the most entertaining, lovely movies of 2020. The latest adaptation of the Jane Austen novel is warm and funny, and, with a palette of mainly pastel shades and gorgeous Regency costumes, it is absolutely exquisite to look at, a real feast for the fashion lover.

The Regency period was an interesting one for fashion, as styles became much looser and more modern looking when compared to the fussiness of the Georgian dress that proceeded it, and the Victorian crinolines and bustles that came later. The Empire line which pitted the waistband just underneath the bust is still employed today for both evening dresses and maternity wear, whilst the pie crust and raised style collars are very reminiscent of the styles of the 1980’s.

And then we have the crisp white cotton and broderie anglais style dresses that dominate the film. If you think of classic Laura Ashley milkmaid styling from the 1970’s then you get the general idea. The dresses are just stunning, very simple in shape and adornment, but oh so perfect for Summer, even the length is not an issue with maxi dresses making an appearance pretty much every Summer, and showing, once again showing that the Regency style still has an influence in modern looks.

The colour palette throughout the film is incredible, with Anna Taylor Joy often wearing ice cream shades and white which suit her peaches and cream complexion, whilst Mia Goth as Harriet Smith wears a darker, bolder wardrobe. I also love the frivolous wardrobe worn by Tanya Reynolds as Mrs Elton, bright in shade and also more gaudy than the rest of the female cast, but lots of fun nevertheless.

Emma is still in cinemas and is definitely worth a watch, as it is such a lovely, escapist piece.


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