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Stylish Television: And Just Like That Series 2

The first series divided opinions to say the least, with many feeling it should never have returned at all. There was no Samantha, Mr Big died in the first episode, and then we lost the brilliant Willie Garson, who played the irreplaceable Stanford Blatch and died from cancer in real life. But I loved ‘And Just Like That‘, it was still recognisably Carrie, there was a great new character in Seema, and the fashion, the style was as brilliant and beautiful as ever.

Now, as we are almost at the end of series 2, I have to say that I have enjoyed this one even more than the first. The clothes have been as fantastic as ever, thanks, in no small part, to the Met Gala and the mother of all snow storms. We even got to see Carrie re-wear that incredible but ill-fated Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, and reclaim it from sadness. This felt like a wonderful tribute to Westwood herself, who died at the end of 2022.

The new characters continue to bed in nicely (I’m still loving Seema, but Lisa Todd Wexley is also growing on me, as is Che, who actually has the loveliest friendship with Carrie that I really love.) There was a brilliant, laugh out loud episode that saw not only the return of Candice Bergan as Edith Frick, Carrie’s erstwhile Vogue editor, but also a guest appearance by Gloria Steinem. I’ve loved that the always hilarious Anthony has had his own story line and romance, no-one delivers a one liner like Mario Cantone. And there was the return of Aidan, the ever beautiful Aidan, played once again by John Corbett, to bring some much needed romance to Carrie’s life. It has been bright, colourful, funny, sad and thought provoking, and now, with the final episode upcoming, we are looking forward to the return of Kim Cattrell, aka the iconic Samantha Jones, who, despite all those new characters, is still much missed by Sex and the City fans for her wit, her sass, her style, and her downright naughtiness.

And Just Like That is a boom for roles for middle aged, fabulous actresses who I just love to see on my TV. Series 3 you say…oh go on then!

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