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One of the positives of there being a lack of new TV programmes is that there have been some welcome repeats of shows. One such welcome repeat is the BBC daytime television show, The Land Girls, which was originally screened in 2009 as a commemoration of the start of World War Two, and was an award winning series.

Land Girls followed the lives of 4 women who were part of the home front War effort, coming from different backgrounds and with very different personalities, but forging friendships and showing true grit, even in the heart of adversity and heartache. West End star Summer Strallen was a stand out as the glamorous rich girl Nancy, whilst Christina Bottomley and Jo Woodcock formed a lovely relationship as sisters Annie and Bea.

As well as being an absorbing, enjoyable watch, the series is, as you would expect, notable for the vintage, 1940’s looks. The real land girls were notable for wearing the trousers, and the mixture of dungarees teamed with pretty blouses looks strangely modern, especially as denim and khaki dungarees and cargo pants are very much still a wardrobe staple. Teamed with the pretty florals and belted, they are very stylish and totally wearable, and would certainly make a great addition to your Autumn wardrobe.

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play, and the girls do sometimes get chance to throw off their wellies and khakis and wear something a little more fashionable. The 1940’s was very much about utility fashion, but that didn’t mean that style was abandoned, so many memorable looks came from this period, beautiful, elegant styles. Fabric may have been in short supply, but style certainly wasn’t.

There’s also a wedding to keep an eye out for…

Another member of the cast well worth a look style wise is played by Sophie Ward. Lady Ellen is upper crust and beautifully dressed, and acts as a contrast to the land girls and their mannish attire.

Land Girls is currently on the BBC weekday afternoons and is well worth a look.

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