Stylish Television: Ruth Wilson In His Dark Materials

One of the most positive things about the lock down is the chance to discover new television programmes and films, or to catch up on those you missed first time around. A case in point is my sister. She has been recovering from suspected Covid 19 and had basically watched all the Harry Potter movies twice over with my niece Renee. Looking for something new to try, they discovered the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials, the BBC drama series based on the Philip Pulman trilogy.

Cue a phone call from my sister saying, you have got to check out Ruth Wilson’s wardrobe, it is amazing. Now, I love Ruth Wilson anyway. Loved her in Mrs Wilson, loved her in Luther, love her style in real life. So a post about Ruth Wilson was never really a stretch, but boy, was my sister right about her wardrobe in His Dark Materials.

From the fabulous, full length shearling coat that has the real wow factor, to the glamorous movie icon style full length styles of the 1930’s and 40’s, Ruth Wilson’s character Mrs Coulter is slinky and oh so stylish. Her rich jewelled coloured outfits in cerise, purple, jade green and blue are stunning and are fully fitting her role as a graceful sleek villainess.

It has to be said that it is often the villainess who has the best wardrobe. I’m thinking Nicole Kidman in Paddington, Cruella De Vil  in all her reincarnations (next up is Emma Stone as a young Cruella – excited much.), and, of course, Villanelle in Killing Eve, who is basically as evil as it is possible to be whilst wearing a dream of a wardrobe. Mrs Coulter and her super elegant look gives them all a good run for their money. I would say that villainy never looked so good, but hell, it always looks good!


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  • Piggle

    I love Ruth Wilson anyway but this characterd wardrobe is to die for. My fav as to be the emerald green evening dress. Xx

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