Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

Children are always excited about having their own bedroom. Whether they’re sharing with a sibling or not, the thought of having their own room exactly how they want it can make them feel grown up and independent. However, letting your child have full control of how they want their room to look isn’t the most practical of solutions – if you want some great ideas that will impress your little ones whilst also keeping in line with your high standards of decor, then look no further.

As children spend a lot of time in their rooms playing with the newest toy in their collection or simply watching a film, their space should reflect what they like, with a little help from mum and dad, of course. Here are some modern, creative ideas for children’s bedroom decor.

Pick a theme.
It’s common for a child to want a specific theme for their room. Perhaps they’ve always loved the
colour pink and everything that comes with it, including unicorns and fairies, or maybe they’re a car fanatic and love racing those toy cars around the room. Knowing your child and what they like can make decorating with a theme incredibly easy.

However, you will have to take into account the fact that some children’s interests swap and change at the drop of a hat. Instead of redecorating every month to match their wants and needs, it may be worth choosing another way to decorate your child’s bedroom to keep your child and your bank balance happy.

Keep their dislikes in mind.
If your child isn’t a fan of bedtime for example, try and make the idea of going to bed interesting for
them. Choose an unusual style of bed, such as a high sleeper bed or or a cabin bed with drawers, or even go the extra mile to make their room really special. The more interesting you make your child’s room, the more they’ll want to be in it! It’s always worth sitting down with your child and asking them what their ideal bed or bedroom space would look like. Then, you can keep this in mind when you redecorate.

Fresh, colourful bedding.
Bright colours always get a big thumbs up from the kids, and choosing one of their favourite colours is sure to win you even more points. Choose bright bedding to match the colour of your walls or wallpaper, or again, chose a certain theme to match your child’s interests. Characters or cartoon based wallpaper or bedding can seem quite busy, especially if you’re looking for a modern style.

Your child can still personalise their room with their favourite colours, furniture and decorative

Buy smart storage.
Smart storage solutions are a godsend for a child’s room as they can hide away all the toys that would otherwise be strewn all over the floor! Storage can be built into your child’s bed, or you can buy smart storage to fit into the nooks and crannies of your room layout.

As well as buying new storage, redecorating your child’s room is also a great excuse to have a clear
out of all the old toys, games and clothes that are no longer needed. Keep on top of what you have
and use your storage space wisely.

What would your ideal children’s bedroom look like?
Both parents and children have different visions for what the perfect children’s bedroom looks like,
and not every parent lets their child have a say in how it will look. Do you prefer light, modern and
minimalistic, or bright, colourful and busy? How do you decorate your child’s bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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