Summer Bag Trends

Summer is a time when we want our bags to be cute, practical and fun. We might still use that sensible black leather handbag to the office, but when we clock off, or when the weekend comes, we want a piece of arm candy that is affordable and will look great with our jeans, beachwear and our sundresses. Summer 2018 will be acknowledged as the year we grabbed our basket bags of all varieties, really got to grips with reusable shopping bags and fell in love with animal prints of all varieties all over again.

Straw and Basket Bags

It seems that every time the sun shines we all reach for our straw and basket bags, and with 2018 being one of the warmest and driest summer’s in recent memory, these iconic bag styles have been perfect for sun dripped holidays and trips to the beach. Beloved of style icons like Jane Birken and Alexa Chung, basket bags and straw styles look good with pretty much every kind of summer outfit and are effortlessly chic. Appealing for all age groups, brands like Seat Bags have elevated the style by adding personlisation. I don’t mind admitting that a basket or straw bag is my bag of choice when the sun comes out, although you must be careful of the odd rain shower, or of over filling them as they are not the strongest of designs.

Reusable Shopping Bags

The 5p plastic bag charge has made reusable shopping bags not only a fashionable form of arm candy, but also a sound ecological one too. Crazy Bags creates reusable bags in a range of designs and fabrics ranging from jute to eco cotton and with a range of cute designs that make them a great way to promote your company and to show your support for using less disposable plastic.

Animal Prints of Every kind

Summer 2018 has seen a resurgence of animal prints of all kind in the form of bag design. Topshop in particular has had an array of bags using snakeskin, faux fur and zebra, along with designs with tortoiseshell handles.

Animal prints never really go out of style, and they will carry you right into Autumn and Winter. They are also so versatile, add them to a little black shift dress for a chic look, or to add interest to a white shirt and denim shorts. Animal print is both timeless and up to date – a great choice for a Summer bag.

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