Summer Car Journeys With Kids

The beautiful weather this Summer has seen lots of people opt to holiday in the UK, or, if not actually holiday, at least take lots of day trips to the coast and British tourist destinations. But car journeys with kids can be fraught occasions, often with the ‘are we there yet’ starting before you have reached the bottom of your road.

Kids who are excited about their holiday or day out can often be the most impatient creatures on the planet, with boredom levels that are off the scale. So if you are planning a trip you need to address the issues of boredom before you set off, in order to avoid a tense angry journey, especially if you are unlucky enough to be caught in traffic jams.

So, what can you do to make your life easier?

Pack those devices

We often travel to and from Wales as we have a caravan there, and often, the Nintendo Switch is our lifesaver. The switch does not need internet access in order to be able to play games, so it works well on car journeys. FiFA 2018 is my boys current favourite game, and keeps him occupied and quiet, particularly on boring stretches of motorway, but you could also surprise your child by treating them to a new game before the trip that they can then get to grips with during the journey.

You can buy useful car tools for your switch, including a stand that attaches the device to the back of the front seats, so it can be played hands free.

Personal DVD players where kids can enjoy their fave films are another good idea, but make sure you also pack some headphones, or else you may find yourself singing along to Frozen for the whole of your journey – so not a good thought!

But Don’t forget the old fashioned games and pastimes

Technology is fab, but old fashioned games and pastimes can also help to pass the journey. When Joe was little we used to see how many tractors we could find on the roads to our caravan in Wales (clue, it was lots!). I Spy still works well, and you can get books which give you lists of things to look out for as you are travelling, ticking them off as you see them.

Make the Journey Comfortable

For longer car journeys, or if you are travelling with very young children, a nap might take up some of the journey, so try to make it as comfortable as possible. Comfy neck pillows can make a lot of difference, and maybe make sure you have a blanket too for night journeys.

Plenty of Stops

Kids love a stop at the services and these can really help to break long journeys up. Even if it is just a comfort stop, the chance to get a little fresh air and stretch the legs can relieve the tension. Maybe let your child pick up a magazine that they can then read and enjoy on the next leg of their journey.

How do you make travelling with children easier? Here are some more summer tips with your kids.

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