Summer Dreaming : Ibiza

When the weather is cold and the days are short, when the mornings are frosty and it seems like the sun is in short supply, when, in short it is still Winter for what seems like the 400th month, our thoughts always seem to turn to warmer climes and summer holidays. We long to get away somewhere beautiful and idyllic, to laze on a beach, to wear our sandals again, to feel the sun on our face. It is no surprise that so many people book their Summer holidays in January, and as we seem to move away from the pandemic (finally), it seems we can finally make those summer dreams a reality.


Ibiza has long been a destination for Brits heading abroad, with its short 2 hour flight a major selling point. It is an island that has a reputation of somewhere that celebrates partying, with its (San Antonio) associations with dance music and the rave scene, a favourite of supermodel Kate Moss and people like Jade Jagger. But there is so much more to Ibiza than hedonism. It has also long been a favourite of artists, poets, painters, sculptors, singers and ceramists, and famous writers such as Albert Camus, Laurie Lee and Janet Frame have also used the island as inspiration. It is a perfect place to escape from everyday life, even if it is only for a couple of weeks.

Where to stay?

If you are planning to visit Ibiza this year, one of the most important things to plan is where you are going to stay. Obviously if you are going to let your hair down and party, then San Antonio is a no brainer, but there are other resorts that work for family holidays, or for those who want to relax and really get away from it all. Invisa Hotels are King when it comes to Ibiza Hotels, and have beautiful hotels that have everything you need to enjoy your time on the island with hotels located in some of the most popular tourist destinations including  Santa Eulalia, one of the quietest and most beautiful areas of Ibiza; and Es Figueral, a beach with spectacular views of the Tagomago islet.

Choose your beach.

One of Ibiza’s main selling points is its beaches. It is a haven for those who love to chill on the sand, whether this be on a busy but perfect sandy beach, or in an unspoilt cove which you seem to have to yourself. One of the best beaches is the glorious Cala Conta. This is what paradise looks like:- the sand is white and soft, the sea is crystal clear. If you want something a little more on the hippie trail, then Benirras beach is your place. It is a cove, so far more rugged than Cala Conta, with the sand being a little rougher, but this beach is renowned for the most incredible sunsets that will frankly, take your breath away.

Kids or no Kids?

The great thing about Ibiza is that it can be the perfect family getaway, but is also the perfect couples retreat. Santa Eulalia is a great family resort, with lovely hotels and a range of family friendly restaurants that, combined with that short flight time, make it great if you have young children. But if you are looking for the perfect place for a couples only trip, you could happily find many adults only hotels that would be perfect for a short, recharge those batteries style trip.

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