Summer home edit: interior trends to lust over

Bringing little summer touches in your home is a fun idea to add a bit of pizzazz to your home without having to remodel your entire home. Here are a few summer interior trends that I have been lusting over lately!

Lime – like everywhere

Lime is super in this summer in both fashion and interiors. It’s an easy trend to incorporate into your home by adding a few bright touches into your home. You can try and scavenger antique shops and charity shops for mismatched throw pillows, buy a lime coloured throw for your sofa or if you’re braver go all out with a neon sitting chair or sofa.

Brass touches

Couple seasons ago rose gold was a huge trend both in fashion and interiors. This season gold and more so brass has been making headlines. In winter brass taps and sink dominated kitchen and bathroom interior shows and by spring it was popping up in bedroom and living room ranges and a huge favourite. Incorporating metals is an easy way to add a bit of interest and texture to your home without compromising your main colour scheme – after all, brass is a neutral! 

Black is the new black 

More and more minimalist and industrial trends are taking over interior trends usually accompanied by monochrome colour schemes with a heavy emphasis on black. There is no need to fear black in interiors, if done correctly, it won’t make your home look smaller or feel too “heavy” in a lightly coloured airy room.

Cocoa tones and rustic feel

Wood is very popular at the moment. As a material, it has always been a crowd favourite, but lately, it’s been favoured even more. Carps and rugs move over – hardwood flooring is the new it girl in these circles. Hardwood flooring can be, so alternatives such as click vinyl flooring is always a good option! However, it doesn’t stop just at flooring. Wooden chairs, desks and other furniture in natural finishes are also becoming increasingly more popular when it comes to neutrals.

Urban jungle

Plants, potted plants everywhere to create the ultimate rainforest in your own home. Not only plants are becoming more popular for adding pops of colour, but they’re also a great way to purify the air in your home and add a bit of delight to you every day. Fear not, not all plants require lots of love, attention, water and sunlight – there are plenty out there that will need minimal fussing over.

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