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Summer Interiors Trends For 2022

Well it’s definitely Summer now. And with the warm weather and the promise that we can actually open our windows if we decide to do a home or room makeover that may just include paint, our thoughts turn to sprucing up the house.

Summer Interiors trends often veer off towards colour, and prints, but there are also more practical implications – things that we need to change as the weather gets warmer, and those days (particularly early mornings) get brighter. I’m talking things like curtains, duvets, the addition of a fan for those sticky nights – things that you can do that don’t cost the Earth but actually make your home more comfortable to live in.

Here are some of the things you may be considering updating this Summer.

Blackout Curtains

If, like me, you have trouble sleeping, and love your room to be as dark as possible for as long as possible, then blackout curtains may be a really worthwhile investment. I struggle with migraine, and bright rooms at 5.30am do nothing to help me sleep. Direct Fabrics supply a full range of blackout fabrics to hotels, care homes and home projects across the UK and you know that when they say blackout, they really mean blackout.

When you stay in a lovely hotel, the blackout curtains not only keep the light out of the room, but also keep your room feeling cool. This is what you can achieve by using high quality fabrics of the kind Direct Fabrics specialise in. And don’t think that blackout curtains have to be black, it is the thickness and quality of the fabric that is key, and this can be achieved in a range of colours to match your decor and personal taste. You can even find a blackout version of an opulent, velvet curtain for the ultimate in luxury looks.

A Summer Duvet

Summer is definitely the right time to invest in a lightweight duvet. Being hot and bothered when you are trying to sleep is another issue that can lead to sleepless nights, and it could just be that your duvet is just too thick. For Summer in the UK, you need to aim for a tog rating of between 2.5 tog to 4.5 tog, and find a more breathable fabric like cotton and linen to avoid that sweaty, sticky feeling.

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Add Some Colour

No one is telling you to add a complete rainbow to your home, but in Summer it is always lovely to add some colour to your rooms, particularly if they have a neutral or dark colour scheme. The great news is that this is something that can be done inexpensively by adding new cushions and throws to a sofa, or by adding a bright canvas to an otherwise plain wall.

Fresh flowers are another lovely way to make your home feel more Summer. You can add these to the centre of a dining table, or as a focal point on your window sill, and they will just add cheer to any room instantly.





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